IMG_1550Sorry I have not posted about the new Ghost Adventures Season 11.  I have been working on a number of things namely a client that had gotten ahold of me telling me about the happenings in their new house.

There have been a few odd paranormal things going on.  Shadows, black mass coming from the ceiling, shadow people walking past a window, talking when there is no one around but the strangest thing I also experienced.  The client had not told me of this and I experienced it with no knowledge so now I need to fix the problem.

I was doing a walk through in the back yard and from behind the wood fence I heard a voice say, “Kill”.  That’s it, one word. The client told me when I asked in a certain way about it then I knew.   So now I will be moving toward a full saying and protection of the property.

With that, school and everyday life I have not gotten to watch Ghost Adventures but I hear it’s pretty good (I saw the 1st but got distracted, not sure if by something in the episode or somewhere else).  Be patient it will come 🙂

Thank You