I have been catching up on the current season of Ghost Adventures so I will be blogging about them soon and be ready because they will be sure to……bite.

Also, a question was asked.  “Have you ever actually met Zak”

Answer:  No, I have had opportunities to meet him but there is all sorts of craziness around him (and the guys) so I usually just stand in back and watch.  Some day I will run across him, take a photo, have him sign my copy of his books, hopefully get to discuss the paranormal (with him and the guys in a round table would be awesome sauce).  But as of now I have kept a distance and just watched.  Do I think there is something to his claims of being an empath?  Maybe, I would have to as said before, shake his hand, although there is something going on because his energy…..it’s like walking into static.  You know, when you run your feet on carpet then touch something.  The static is Zak and his immediate area, I’ve tried to stay out of that area.  🙂

Someone also asked why I don’t blog about Ghost Hunters.  Well, short answer is. They usually turn their stuff over to SyFy for editing.  Zak keeps his and edits with Devin.  Sure ok, some might say Zak has the better advantage to fake stuff BUT, in my opinion once the video/evp whatever leaves your hands you don’t really know what is going on with it.  Not saying GH is faked but GA has gotten far more viable hits than GH ever has AND GH is out to debunk everything, they have never admitted that what was captured could actually be paranormal (I could have missed a few episodes but I doubt it’s ever happened).

Who would I rather lock down with?

Ghost Adventures. Not that Ghost Hunters wouldn’t be fun I just think I personally would have a better experience with GA and the ability to utilize more, They don’t naysay the old fashioned way of doing things.