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So, you’re driving down route 66 thinking it’s nothing but old gas stations and diners until you happen upon this creepy old gas station.  That’s how my cousin and I found the Grand Canyon Caverns.  We were tripping around Arizona just driving and needed gas, this was the only place around (not sure they still sell gas as this was years ago).

I didn’t really want to get out of the car but I had to “use the facilities”.  There was a feeling of static in the air and I felt like someone was watching me.  I looked around, no one, only the random car passing on the highway.

To me, this episode was awesome.  I felt as though the guys weren’t desecrating native land and were genuinely interested.  I know, the land has already been desecrated and it would have been nice if there was something saying the skull was plastic but….

I have been inside the caverns, if you are a paranormal investigator and get the chance, go!!  This, as Zak pointed out is THE best environment to capture activity.  At 210 feet (a few places farther, like 310) there is nothing there, the air is dry (bring lots of water), it smells like faded salt water (back in the day), and you will get out of breath climbing the ramps so take many practice hikes before.

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There is only one way in and one way out so I advise if you are claustrophobic do not attempt this, the elevator does not move fast.

I have to say, yet again Zak’s expressions are priceless. You would think he’d just gotten into the elevator with the clown from IT.

I will elaborate on what Jay talked about, Selenite: Selenite is hydrated calcium sulfate, a type of gypsum.  An extremely common material that forms in sedimentary environments-around hot springs, for example.  It is found in massive beds, usually crystallized out of highly saline water.  Selenite is the colorless and transparent form of gypsum.  It has a pearl like sheen and a glow like moonlight.

Personal Uses:  Place Selenite in the home or meditation space to clear the energy

Healing Effects:  Place a Selenite blade over the crown of the head to open the crown chakra.  If you are not experienced in crystal healing do this only for a few moments and ground the body by placing a piece of smoky quartz between the feet.

Physical/Emotional Uses:  Is a conductor of energy, and its cleansing effects can be strongly felt on the system.  Allows the flow of high frequency energy to permeate all chakra centers, aligning the spiritual purpose.  Resonates powerfully with the crown chakra, enabling enhanced awareness of enlightenment.

(taken from the book Crystals by Jennie Harding)

So it would enhance the Crown Chakra not the 3rd eye and be used for enlightenment.  Makes one wonder if the caverns were used as some sort of spiritual center by the natives.

Visitors have experienced voices, moans, seeing a native woman, and rocks being thrown.

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The Investigation:

Aaron and Billy-  Aaron reported feeling uneasy about being in close proximity to the area where the native bodies had been found.

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Jay- Hotel area, reported a rock being thrown at him.  You can hear it skip on the walkway.

Zak- reportedly saw a mist move across the terrace in front of him

Aaron- Reported that his heart rate was fluctuating. This could be due to the large amounts of dry air, Selenite and all the hiking.

Billy- Reported hearing the chain link fence move as if someone had shaken it.

There is something strange on the photo when Zak plays back the part where he was taking photos.  Standing above them in the rocks, there is a shadow.  Like watching them.

The caverns remain a steady 56 degrees year round with no air flow so when the crew say they were feeling cold spots, that would be something to really check.  Also captured, a yellow ball of light.  Nothing grows in the caverns so it wasn’t a bug. They had a rock thrown at them.  Found in an area of the walkway they had just traversed and it wasn’t there.

Jay and Billy tried, to no avail the new piece of equipment, The Lithium Battery Test, got no takers.

In the Bunkhouse:

Arron and Zak took on the Bunkhouse.  Zak debunked the red light he saw as being the flashing light from a nearby radio tower.  They got squat from the SB7 and zero EVPs.  As Zak sat on the sofa he reported feeling ice cold on his left side, pressure on his left arm, and a ball of light exited his left leg.

Aaron’s Vlog for Grand Canyon Caverns

All and All it was an interesting episode.  Next week, October 10-  Haunted Hollywood, The guys head to Griffith Observatory to see just how haunted the Hollywood hills really are.  The guys capture compelling visual evidence of a spirit walking below the letters of the iconic Hollywood sign.

Video Preview, watch until the end.

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