GA Los Coches1

Ok, this one was another weird one.  I actually smelt the smell of fresh dirt, in my house at 9pm.  And I MUST say, This episode pointed out that not all spirits speak English!!  Gawd I love when I get even semi proven right.  Sure, Sure they may understand English but it not being their native language they would reply in the language they are most comfortable, Thank you GA for showing that.

Growing up in California you hear stories of all sorts of old haunted places, Los Coches was one I had heard about while up in the Salinas area years ago.  I admit, I drove by the place…..during the day.  Because knowing there is tons of gang activity in that area I’m not going anywhere after dark.  I did a drive by, sat in front (not getting out of the car either).  It was creepy to say the least.

This was the episode where you might find Jay has dabbled in a little more of the paranormal then maybe just using a Ouija.

First, driving Old Stage Rd damn boys I would have at least called 911.  That sure did look like a body on the thermal and it showing a heat signature, the person may have still been alive.   The cow was hilarious, I don’t think Zak had ever seen a live cow roaming free LOL Sorry Zak, your expression/reaction was just hilarious.

You can read about the Salinas ghost stories here

GA Los Coches2

The investigation of Los Coches Adobe:

Zak captured a hair like item and a mist.  That was semi weird.  Voices, wood being thrown/moved above he and Aaron.

Aaron saw a shadow standing at the end of the hall.  Something ran at him.

With the SB7:  The word “Rapido” and either “Get Out” or “ahora” which in Spanish means, now.

They debunked their own shadows.  Billy captured a female voice.  There was a second “rapido” which sure sounded like the same voice as the first.

They also captured a male voice, could not make out what it was saying, it also sounded as if it were in Spanish.

The SLS Camera captured multiple figures standing on the wall, Zak reported that his hand felt tingly.

The new piece of equipment was a 4 Quad Energy Meter, it looked like a more awesome Simon toy.

GA Los Coches4

If a spirit were to touch it, it would change colors.  Awesome Bill Chappel.  Still waiting for you to create the magnetic floor 😉

I think in this episode Jay demonstrated what one should do if they felt as if they might be being either attacked (something trying to attach) or losing control of the situation.  Find somewhere to sit down and center yourself.  Inside a salt box with some black onyx is better but if you don’t have either just sit still and do not invite.

Now, I can’t say what Jay may have been thinking but it looked as if he had sat down and just zoned out.  He had experienced a feeling that the walls were moving farther away.  If you remember both Zak and Aaron had the opposite, that the walls were moving in.  The whisper captured sounded an awful lot like “que” which means what in Spanish.

Jay also captured loud noises, footsteps.  Had I been there I would have, just by his reaction known something was at least trying to attach to him.

GA Los Coches3

Over all this episode is showing this team is actually trying to capture real evidence of the paranormal, next on Bill Chappell’s new equipment list should be that 3D ghost camera in that ad for the next Paranormal Activity movie which ran during the show.  Be real, if you had that camera and could actually see what was touching you, would you be terrified?  Would it make spirits something real to be respected?  Would you feel for all the times you desecrated burial sites? Seeing is believing after all, right.