I’ve been to Manresa Castle, always a very interesting stay.  With this episode I was hoping the crew mentioned the child, a little girl that has been seen/heard there.

On my first stay I saw both, the tail of a long victorian woman’s coat and the little girl. I also heard the little girl giggle several times.  I also have heard doors open and close, noises and other voices (like a group of people having a conversation).

This episode was interesting because if you have watched since there is a bit of a change in several members and Jay seems to be showing he has quite the knowledge of things paranormal, not just about Ouija either.

So, the areas visitors tend to experience things are 310, 306, The Breakfast Room and several times a woman seen at a window.  Not to mention the noises, voices and other possible paranormal things that go on.

First up, during the initial interview.  A door popped open, Aaron heard a click while investigating if it was a draft.  While holding up a napkin to the door it closed, right in Aaron’s face.  They also captured an EVP which said “Help Her” and that had been heard by visitors before.


During the actual investigation:

The Breakfast Room, they got zero until they were wrapping up when a chair tipped over.  All tries to debunk fell on deaf ears as there was no visible way the camera unit could have touched said chair.

SLS Camera (which I love because it makes stick people):  Captured Anomalies Detected as Aaron walked down the hall.  There was at this time a high pitched squeak, like a door opening or closing and two load bangs in the basement.

In the Dungeon:  Aaron saw someone (the height of a child) peering at him from under he stairs.  There were footsteps in the hallway and a child’s cry or giggle.

Billy was alone in the basement and captured an EVP which said, “Something is here”


As Aaron made his way to the attic, Zak and Jay heard as though someone was rolling up plastic.

The SB7 captured a male voice saying “Natalie”  The little girl’s name?

Zak in the laundry room captured an EVP “get off that table”.  Maybe the table was part of the kitchen at one time and the spirit thinks laundry should not be done on it?

Aaron captured, on the 3rd floor an EVP- “stay out”.  It would seem the spirits do not like the living trapping through the house.   Aaron also had the feeling of ice cold, his arm hair went up and in an EVP volley he captured, “trouble”, “enter”, and a Whoa which copied his which did not come through the SB7.

Once the guys retired to separate rooms:

Zak captured a light tapping sound coming from the area of the closet.

Billy captured an orb coming out of the table.  But Aaron had the best of all.

Aaron was sitting in his room, you can see he’s trying to relax a bit when suddenly the telephone rings.  Personally I would have answered it but Aaron did not.  He called for the guys.  Now, the strange thing about this (I’ve stayed there so I know this) You can not cold call rooms.  The call must go through the hotel operator and be connected to the room.  That was awesome!

The piece of new equipment captured a profile? There was a forehead, eye brow bone and nose that could be made out, so interesting.