So, I came across some articles that Jason Hawes from Ghost hunters put up on his website.

Look for, Articles for the Haunted and the Hunters

Now, as someone who has a PhD in Psychology and having spent many years working with those who have paranormal experiences(as well as victims of violent crimes/crisis management) and working with those involved in MUFON I will say, always read these things with a grain of salt(I’m not saying he doesn’t make a few good points just don’t take it as gospel).  If you feel your problems are paranormal in nature ask for help, from experience it is not always a psychological problem.  I have met many people who were misdiagnosed as having a psychological problem and it was paranormal in nature.

There are many many things in this world we can not explain, nor can we explain how the energy from spirits work (for lack of a better word).  The one thing that burns my butt are those on tv who tell others what they have isn’t paranormal(and do not have the education to back up that diagnosis) or that they are having issues (psychological), sure I will agree there have been times when I’ve been at a location and had a client telling me some pretty crazy things.  I have backed away and re-evaluated the situation and gave the client instruction and the occasion has arisen where it was the client and we have dealt with it in a respectful manner where I have assisted in said client getting the help they needed BUT….on the flip side there have been those times where you have unexplainable occurrences and that is when you need to take a deeper look at the situation.

Am I saying everything that happens which you can not explain is paranormal, No, but don’t (as some so called investigators tend to do) just write off everything as someone having a psychological crisis/problem.

The main problem with the paranormal today is that there are a number of people who claim to be investigators who have never taken a psych 101 class, traveled anywhere outside their backyard to witness a real VooDoo ritual in Haiti yet will tell you they know how to do a ritual, THOSE are the types you need to stir clear of if you think you are having something paranormal. There are living who see the dead for real, they aren’t actors on a TV show.  As is always said, buyer beware and that goes for what you are being told by those on paranormal TV shows.  Be very careful because if you are having a real psychological problem, not dealing with it is a bad thing but not dealing with a true paranormal problem is bad as well.

As I always tell people, you wouldn’t see a doctor who didn’t have an MD why deal with paranormal investigators who don’t understand your problem(s) or write everything off as your imagination.