Ok, so I have never written anything about GA Aftershocks mainly because it’s a “follow-up” show that just tries to keep selling some of the more exaggerated locations to sell more tickets and keep people interested but….

After last week’s show I’m going to have to start asking to see police reports, medical records and photos on this show.  I’m still not sure if Zak was trying to set the little girl up as some psychic or WTF the whole show was really about but as someone who has a PhD in clinical psychology AND has investigated the paranormal since my teens I call BS, sorry to piss Zak and fans off but come on…….really.

When someone starts talking about human trafficking and all the other stuff as an investigator you really need to (and should) step back and actually ask (and show) for the proof.  If it was the girl who had experienced it then you need to have documentation (video, everyone has a damn cell phone), not just toss her in front of a camera to tell the story.  If it was the spirit who the girl is claiming this happened to again, show me some proof.  We all know that kind of thing was going on in the timeframe the spirit was said to have lived but there is no way in hell the spirit would have called it what we do, Human Trafficking.  There are never any police reports, medical records, real good photos of damage.  Usually just some puny little red marks anyone can make themselves given five minutes alone. If you don’t like people asking for proof, well then, something is hinky.

Something I’ve noticed about the paranormal today.  Those who actually know and have valid experiences get told they are lying while those who make shit up in order to sell tickets are hailed as saviors.  I think in the long term television has actually hurt the paranormal community, everyone and their uncle is an investigator because they bought or were given some part of an old vacuum cleaner or plunked down a couple hundred bucks for what any electrician carries around with them.  It does not make you the know it all of all things paranormal, it makes you a very dangerous person to clients who depend on you to solve their problem(s) and you don’t have a clue.

Zak, Aaron, Jay, Billy, whoever can be pissed at me for stating the truth, he can mute/block me on twitter for saying what under the 1st amendment is my right but as a person who usually has to clean up the mess those who don’t know make, go ahead it says a lot more about you then it does about me and someone in television shouldn’t be that touchy.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Ghost Adventures (and to some extent Ghost Hunters) I’m just not a blind follower, I will question everything (as any real investigator should) and sometimes even viewers need to step back and ask if it’s real, it is television after all.