So back in the day, when I was still trying to find myself I was majoring in Ancient Cultures & Religion.  I was raised on Mom’s side, Jewish and Catholic (yeah I know but it gets worse). Dad’s side was Southern Baptist and….Lutheran (yeah wow).  Now, mom and Dad never made any of us children go to church and they really didn’t, mainly because traveling the world in the military made it difficult. I think the religious indecision on the families part is what led me to want to major in ancient cultures & religion I was never prepared for the eye opening I would get.

When I reached my final year I had to do a semester abroad (hokey).  I chose to go to as many places as I could in order to get exposure to as many religious cultures as I could (Italy, England, Haiti) while back home in California I did a lot of my own investigating (paranormal and religious).  I would at times feel overwhelmed with the emphatic abilities that I admittedly looked at all sorts of places for explanations so no I never fault those who are searching, I totally understand.

I tried going to church every Sunday but I got kicked out.  Serious as the sky is blue, I got kicked out of a Catholic church LOL  You’re asking why, because I questioned the bible and the church’s interpretation of it.  My question was simple enough……

What if it’s all backward, What if God is Satan and Satan is God?


This is where I kind of got off the beaten path according to the religious right.  But did I?

I met some people (none of who have ever in their lives have sacrificed anything) who belonged to The Church of Satan, I admit to being a card carrying member and most are vegetarian so…  After all the Catholic Church (and all churches) say you must have darkness so light can shine.  The problem is, what light is shining?

Now, I did warn you, if you are overly touchy about the subject of religion or don’t like to discuss it (I’m sure I’ll get the e-mails) don’t read it, but if you do and ask yourself the same question…….

Last night’s Ghost Adventure’s came as somewhat of a surprise, I would never expect Zak to go out on the limb (although he didn’t really through edit).  It’s been long known that L. Ron Hubbard had a thing for nasty dealings and the things he did early in Scientology (and still do) are horrid but all in the name of……..religion….right.

I’ve taken the Scientology “assessment” tests many times, they can’t fool me and they know it when they meet me.  The very first time I went into a center I took the assessment and they tried to hard sell me on the whole thing and I said, I need a minute and was left alone to wander around an empty office dedicated to L. Ron (creepy ,much) those who’ve been inside a center know what I mean.

What few fail to mention, there was a group of four men who thought they could bring about the anti-christ.  Did they, probably not but there were meetings, friendships, and properties bought (an island off the coast of Italy-not Povelia).

The group consisted of, L. Ron Hubbard, Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley and Ellipsis Levi.  The story goes, Anton and Aleister were the Magicians, the spell casters.  The ones who could call Satan.

Aleister Crowley created the religion known as Thelema.


Anton LaVey created, The Church of Satan


Ellipsis Levi lived through something at the time known as, Transcendental Magic-Astral Projection.


and L. Ron Hubbard created, Dianetics which is the basis for The Church of Scientology.


The thing about this group was, had they really gotten their shit together and L. Ron not been so worried about just the money they probably could have pulled something off.  Anton and Aleister were the magicians and as I’ve heard pretty damn good at it, L. Ron was the talker. L. Ron would have been the face of the new religion of the anti-christ.

I do have to say Diabetics is a load of sci-fi crap BUT…….it makes money so he accomplished that goal, to prove that organized religion exists to make money.

The real wild card in the whole group was Ellipsis, no one knows (or has ever told) what he was charged with doing in the grand scheme.

After the death of the other three L. Ron, in his sci-fi, Netu obsessed haze moved himself into being in charge of the whole, finding those who could raise the anti-christ.

If you read the assessment questions and comprehend what you are reading they are designed to show how strong a personality the person has. They need those who don’t care if others know their secrets, don’t care if anyone knows about their sex lives, or anything else.  Those who are not in the top tier (running of the organization) or those who are “clear” have no real clue what goes on even if they will profess they do.

The meaning of “clear” also to the group of four also means you are enlightened.  Enlightened to what you ask.

The above are words those who follow these religions pretty much live by.  Scientology’s “Clear”, pretty much the same.

If one is to look at Luciferians one might call all these men on the path to becoming Luciferians.  To be a Luciferians means one is enlightened and that is why I asked, is it backward.  Was it not God who asked for human sacrifice to prove love and devotion while Lucifer asked only faith and belief and he would bestow light upon you.


Ok, so I would have loved to see Zak and gang push this Scientology envelope but the organization can be pretty nasty so it’s understandable.  I quite enjoyed seeing the gang in one of the only other places I as an empath refuse to enter.

Years ago a friend and I rolled up to Casa de Rosas, I remained behind the fence, staring into the building.  Lots going on there, there are a lot of unresolved issues.  Even from the street I stood there feeling….burned out, defeated, nothing at all.  I know those were the feelings of those who had been involved in the early days of what was going on there but it was weird.  My friend pulled me back to the car and when I took one last look, in the window of the second floor a man stood.  Round pudgy face, blondish hair just watching. Was it L. Ron, who knows a lot of people have gone through that place.

Is L. Ron Hubbard still there?  Who knows, the guys did get some very location specific interaction but nothing that said it was definitely L. Ron Hubbard.  I would have liked to see less of the art exhibit info and more investigation.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the history of a location but just less.

I know this show is all about finding out what happens when we die, will anyone ever find out without dying?  I doubt it.  Being an empath certainly affords one a lot of things but even that isn’t one of them and I don’t think I really want to know, why would I come back?

My Mother and Grandmother had a pact.  When my Grandmother passed she said she would come back and say one thing to let us know.  We were to wait one year after her death then try to contact her.  So, a bit after that year I set up a recorder, a video camera and my white noise maker.  We sat on my bed and called for her to see if she in fact would make it back.

Did she, YES!!!

The only thing she said was, “Listen to me, Barbara, Listen to me”, we know it was her because she said my mother’s first name and she was gone.  She said she would do it once and she did, it’s been almost eight years.

The one thing I know is that this group of men did one thing,

they left others to continue what they started. Does L. Ron visit the many Scientology centers, sit in his empty office and look at what it has become.  A religion which exists to make money (although they do help some prisoners, drug addicts), I think instead of investigating an old supposed lab Zak and the crew should have gone straight into the lions den and investigated one of the empty offices.  Was it L. Ron who I saw staring out of the window.  I will never know, that is one location I will never willingly return to.

Overall I get it, the episode actually opened the door, Jay is no slouch but they should have included a lot of the connections and history of these men who L. Ron Hubbard called “good friends” because it goes a lot deeper then anyone knows.