Well, I waited for Nick Groff to do something different after Ghost Adventures and…………. Nope.

Sorry to anyone who is a fan but this show reeks of Ghost Adventures, from the opening to the voice overs to the re-enactments to the walk-up, ok everything.  I’m not sure what he was going for but I’ll admit it had good numbers for the first show and you have to admit the ONLY reason for the good numbers was because people were hoping for something new and different from what he had done with Zak and crew, it’s not.

What it is, is the same old tired re-tread of locations and the viewer watching as Nick tries to place himself in “horrifying” positions.  I’m going to point out, the show looks like it’s suppose to be some kind of tourism commercial and are we really suppose to believe that Katrina is a paranormal expert who has never been to TALA….PLEASE if it’s true her “expert” moniker just flew out the window.

In all honesty I could only stomach the first ten minutes of the show and I’m pretty sure it didn’t get better, including the capture.  It’s the guy in the body stocking all over again. I’m not even going to go into the whole trying to give the show credibility by bringing in Amy and Adam, this looked like they were trying to force this whole “paranormal unity” thing….yawnsville.

These shows need to stop going for the theatrics and as boring as it sounds do/show some actual damn investigating.  Sure I’ll admit it is a fantastic thing when you get feedback from the spirits but all this “everything is dark entities” is more than a little old now since not every damn spirit or location has demons or dark spirits.

I have it on very good authority that Nick never even believed in the paranormal until he started raking in the bucks on Ghost Adventures and this whole thing stinks of him trying to show Zak he can do things better his way.(Sorry Nick fans).  The show just seemed a desperate attempt to one up the guy he used to call bro….


I say go back to the drawing board and come up with something more original than trying to show Zak Bagans you can do it better, I feel like we are witnessing two kids in the sandbox trying to beat each other.  Talk about “Paranormal Unity” stop acting like because you as an actor have a TV show that you know everything about the paranormal and as an actor it makes you an expert, it does not, you are still an actor trying to keep your SAG card and benefits.