So one of the things that happens oft times as an empath is, I will be sitting watching tv, totally zoned out and close my eyes for a couple minutes and I will see images of things that either have or may happen.

It’s a rather strange thing when you aren’t used to it, it’s just annoying when it happens almost all the time.  I usually try to ignore the images but when it’s you and you see yourself doing something but also at the same time viewing it from above…..that’s when it’s a strange case of WTF is going on and it sends me off on an investigation to figure out why I saw what I did.

Spirits trying to show me something?

Or better yet and I’ve had it happen,

Another empath showing me something they themselves are seeing/wanting/doing?

I guess I’m spending tonight trying to figure which it is. If it’s the later you know who you are….and I know what I saw.  Interesting………

Will I ever tell, no.  The is one thing empaths should never do, tell what the living or spirits show them, not all of it anyway.  It is a private discussion.