People don’t always understand, please do not grab me and say “What are you feeling”?

Being an Empath kinda works that way but kinda doesn’t.  I’m not a Psychic Medium and cannot “read” you at the drop of a hat.

I was wandering Lowe’s in town today and this girl who recognized my name from Twitter got all excited and grabbed me saying “what are you getting off me”? “Read me”, she was literally hugging on me so tight I almost couldn’t breathe.  Not only is that rude but it doesn’t work, I will not do it because it’s not a circus trick. As funny as it was in hind sight a bunch of people started collecting upon hearing the conversation and were asking questions.

Seriously, the asst. manager called the PD and had them escort me to my car.  Maybe I shouldn’t apply for that TV show that called ROTFLMAO

I hope everyone had a fantastic Spring Break, if you haven’t had yours yet, be safe and have a great time. I have notes from the 13 Ghost Adventure episodes (yes 13) and will get to blogging them shortly, there are a couple I find interesting, the rest look to be the same ole thing, although tonight’s is interesting for the mere fact there is something residing there that not only feeds off but creates negative energy in order to take advantage of situations.