Tonight the Ghost Adventures Crew heads into The Domes.  This place is INSANE!!


Like off the chain insane.  I snuck in there a few years ago (I know you aren’t suppose to sneak but..)

The Domes were built in the late 70’s early 80’s to facilitate the manufacturing of computers, something that never really happened there and the shells remain.  There are tons of stories of Satanic rituals performed in and around the domes.  There are ghost stories galore BUT…no one has really ever captured what the GA Crew has captured.

Zak mentioned in a twitter post earlier today that they captured “an absolute amazing piece of visual evidence”.  I know the energy there is weird.  You can feel it, if you are paying attention to it.


This I HAVE to see because while lying on the floor of one of these domes, staring up at the ceiling I had a demon come to me and offer me something I have never spoke about.  I know it was a demon because it was black, with red eyes.  It appeared out of nowhere.  It never actually touched me but I felt like I was having a heart attack.  Short of breath, spinning head yet the room was still in focus (weird).  I started yelling at it to go away but I know it is never…….gone. And I’ve been told these “offers” are open ended, this demon can reappear at any time and offer again.  So this capture and episode will be rather interesting.

I’m not sure about the Satanic rituals, I never witnessed or heard of any there and I am long time friends with Anton LaVey’s daughter.  But I guess there are Satanists who don’t ever join “the church”.

We’ll see on this one, very cool, very scary.


Can’t wait!

***Addendum:  There is absolutely NO way in hell that I could have known what GA captured. No I was not told by any of them nor anyone at travel channel nor was I present on set for filming.  I do not work for Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans (or any of the guys) or Travel Channel in any capacity.  What I saw/experienced was my own experience and as you see by the time stamp of this posting, there was no way I could have known or described it the same.

As always thank you for reading and joining me on my journey through the paranormal.