Ok, I’ll get this out first, I slept like a baby last night after what some called the scariest episode of Ghost Adventures yet.  Believe me when I say what they captured is only one of the scariest things they might ever capture.

Number 2, NO, I do not work for Travel Channel, I do not work for nor do I personally know Zak Bagans (Yes, I’ve had opportunity to meet him but have chose not to).  No, I did not know where they were going before hand (ok I did but that’s just creepy because they didn’t tell me) no I was not on set.  I do not work for nor know anyone associated with the production and have never discussed the production with anyone.

There were some Twitter messages last night asking how I knew what Aaron saw and what was going on while the guys were there, well……Hmmmmmm As I said before (in my pre-show post)  I snuck in there a few years ago and this place is why I tell everyone they should NEVER sneak into locations.  1, you never know or fully understand what is going on there, what someone has called on or the true condition of the location.  2, You really have no clue what you are getting into by going into them.  Sure sure I’ve had training from medicine men and VooDoo priests even a HooDoo priest and still what I experienced there…….will always be over my shoulder.  Do I spend the day worrying about it, No.  I go out and live my life, I still investigate, provoke etc…I am however, as Aaron states in his blog, much more calm when doing so.  I am not scared of what might come through, I do not run from shadows I actually run toward them.


As Aaron’s “meeting” was coming I kinda of felt apprehensive for him.  Was he going to scream, run, or was he going to try to wait it out.  See what was being offered up.  The problem with this guy, I call him Red (because of his red eyes) is he comes to who HE chooses.  Red is a Demon no doubt but he is from the primordial side of things.  You will not see a face because he has no face (anyone know what Satan really looks like, No just like you really don’t know what God/Jesus looks like).  You see horns because that, in your mind is how you are taught growing up what a Demon looks like.  Red can actually take any form he chooses but is usually always male.  He can throw a voice and when I say a voice I mean he can sound like a child or female to knock you off balance and when you are drawn in and relaxed you will see him.

Red is NOT looking to take over your body, although I do not recommend touching a primordial demon’s energy.  Where primordial demons are concerned they cannot, they just aren’t able to take over a living form although they CAN copy it (shapeshifter, more about this in later posts).  What they can do is show you things.  Show you what you need to know, what your fears are or where you need to work on/from.  For me it was my understanding of and letting go and not being so fractured in things I did.  It seems by Aaron’s blog he needed to become more calm and trusting of his gut (instincts).  Not sure what Red had for Zak when he saw him on Poveliga as he’s never really talked about it much but I’m guessing it was something he needed to know.


The captures and things that went down on this episode, I have to shout out to GA a huge THANK YOU!!!  Some asked why do I thank them, and I say,  because when you do this kind of thing there is a little voice inside that tells you you’re crazy, you didn’t hear/see it when you know you did.  It wasn’t a trick of the eye and for them to actually capture what I saw was a fantastic feat.  Until you are presented with Red you don’t understand the enormity of life and the things you don’t yet see/hear/taste/experience.  It sounds like this experience at least for Aaron has made him much more relaxed…..For Billy, Zak and Jay, they don’t seem to discuss as much as Aaron but they know, I think they know the enormity of  it and have some idea of what it means.

I recommend this episode for all GA fans, sure it was scary to watch and some on twitter said they didn’t want to go to bed.

There are always going to be those out there who will holler fake and well, I for one will stand up and say this one was not because you explain how I, someone who does not know any of the GA Crew or the production team or anyone at Travel Channel experience almost the exact same thing years before they did AND I blogged about their experience hours before the show even aired AND how Aaron saw the exact same demon and Billy experienced the exact same symptoms…. Go ahead, I’m waiting for YOUR explanation.