Zak Bagans new show will premiere in a little over two days and through a series of photos we get our first look at what’s not only going to be presented but also what’s in his museum, which looks like it could be an old house or warehouse somewhere in Vegas.

Of course the first show features Robert the Doll and The Dybbuk Box. Zak poses with Robert in the Doll Room.

Other shows and the museum include.


A collection of human teeth along with an old medical record.


Peggy the Doll and a seance to reach the spirits of Peggy the Doll. TPOS101H_215929_761498.1304887.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960

Zak’s Mom and Aaron pose after making a deal on Angry Joe’s items.


A lock given to Zak by “Angry Joe” which is believed cursed.


Zak’s Mom digging deep into the history of a African Nutcracker.


The preserved thumb of John Murrell.


And Zak, Aaron and Billy sit around the thumb trying to communicate with John Murrell.


One of the main attractions at the museum is the Forest of the Dolls.


Zak has dedicated an entire room to one of his phobias.


And the entrance to the Interview Room.


The Library


Zak has created a whole room for old medical equipment.

As someone who has studied Psychology this might turn out to be a rather interesting show if it delves into the psyche of those who collect these items and how the “history” affects them.  It is said if you give someone a known cursed item without telling them it’s cursed would they still be affected.  I think Zak has the perfect opportunity here to find out.

It’s looking like this Museum might very well become an actual brick and mortar place fans and the curious can walk through.