I remind everyone who watches this, IT’S TV!!!!

I’m starting to think Zak has become more of the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain  than someone actually interested in the paranormal.

There is always a lot of discussion among those who actually go out and try to assist those experiencing possible hauntings, shadow people, etc….and I’m always informed many times, “but Zak said this, TAPs said that” and I remind them.  They are on TV, they are actors getting paid to sell you the product that is their tv show.

I recall a conversation I had a few years back with Ben Hansen about the fact that anyone claiming to be a paranormal investigator needs to have some type of degree, even a two year degree that shows they have had training in not only paranormal investigating tools, but psychology, religion, pharmacology and some good old fashioned actual investigations so people aren’t taken advantage of when experiencing these problems.

You have to remember TV is not real, these people are paid actors (check out their resumes sometime, actor, car salesman, construction worker) not only to do the show but also get paid to do appearances (except Zak he doesn’t do appearances, where as Jason Hawes makes 12k per) and hawk you their other products, be it t-shirts, books, autographs or tours to supposed haunted places.

I get it, everyone wants to know what happens to us after we die…..we die…well, that’s pretty much it.  Is there any energy from our soul that lingers, possibly.   It is a rough thing to accept but there it is.  It’s not that hard to explain, what is hard to explain is no one will have an explanation for it until some bone head researcher attaches a monitor to dying people (I think that was done once) to see what goes on.  You will need all sorts of other things like inferred cameras and other stuff to monitor the dying and take it from someone who has witnessed many die and even held the hand of the dying, it is an extremely private thing, every death is different.

This show, like the rest are TV.  The wizard behind the curtain.  Watching I half expected Dorothy to pop out of a doorway and start clicking her red shoes.  If you understand what the paranormal can be, you can start to understand what it’s not.  And it’s not that spirits go around attaching themselves to objects because they loved them in life or that’s what was close when they passed.  Can spirits be attached to something, yes and I know that sounds like an oxymoron kind of thing to say but hear me out.

In witchcraft attaching a spirit or entity to something is called a binding spell, and is something you never want to mess with.  A spirit or entity is bound to an object, (usually a crystal).  This is where having a background in religion and psychology comes into play.  The entity or spirit does not bind itself to objects a living person (usually a witch or VooDoo practitioner) does that.  They can only be bound to certain crystals  (in the case of a dark entity or something brought out through the use of a Ouija board), a VooDoo practitioner may bind the entity to a board BUT here’s the kicker, the person who bound the spirit/entity buries the item and never tells anyone where it is and would NEVER dig it up (I personally smash the crystal).  This is only done in extreme cases because binding takes time, energy and if one step is missed you can cause harm.

I’ve travelled the world and collected/picked up all sorts of things, I love to go antiquing   and I have to be honest, I’ve gotten unexplainable vibes from items but have never experienced hauntings from any item and I have them all over my house.  I did pick up an Ouija board once at a thrift shop that had something bound to it and I got rid of it as soon as I figured it out by sending it to John Zaffis (I hope he took care of it).

Now to the Dybbuk box, it is a jewish wine storage box.  Way to go Zak, you had the opportunity to inform viewers but you went for the theatrics.  You’ll hate me for pointing it out and well….oh well, the truth hurts.  I have to say you should have stayed with the explanation from the Rabbi instead of following the guy who started coughing when being told he needed work on his soul.  I say the Rabbi was pointing out the obvious and that there could be some kind of deception there.  (again, take a class in interview technique taught by law enforcement, learn the tell tale signs of deception before taking a story as gospel) the story is just grand….like a movie. This is the reason as an investigator you (or someone on your team) needs to have Psychology experience, law enforcement or a criminal justice background wouldn’t hurt either.

Does the Dybbuk box have a Dybbuk haunting it, NO, a Dybbuk (if you know Jewish religion) is something  regular folk call a poltergeist and how is poltergeist activity formed……BY THE LVING (read my blog entry about it).  I believe the items said to be found inside the Dybbuk box were placed there either as remembrances or placed because the original owner thought they would protect her from those who had passed (understanding the psychology of former holocaust survivors helps), also the original owner did not fashion the box herself it was made and she bought it in Spain.  Again, we don’t know this for sure either as it is old and passed down many times and I’m sure the story has gotten bigger as time went on. What I wouldn’t do is trust the story of a guy who sold a movie script about it then sold it on e-bay, I’d do my own investigating.

Robert the Doll, I’ve seen Robert and can say two things.  The living Robert either had some sort of mental issue because come on who, as a grown man carries around and talks to a doll. Also, if living Robert had no proven issues then I would look at the possibility of there being some sort of VooDoo curse/attachment to the doll.  The story is that one of the Otto’s servants gave the doll to living Robert for his birthday now the story is that his mother did…..investigate because when a story changes after time something’s wrong somewhere.  Again, this is where understanding how the brain works and knowing the ins and outs of not only investigative work but interview technique is key in the paranormal. When people tell you things about a haunting INVESTIGATE IT!!!!!

Example, if you have a client who says, I smell cigarette smoke several times a day and no one in my house smokes I think I have a ghost.  What would/should YOUR response be?

Mine…. would be to have someone check the Heat/AC unit because………if there are leaks or the filter needs changing it can smell like someone is smoking.  These little things are what TV does not tell you, so everyone smells cigarette smoke and thinks…..Ghost.  When you just need to have your heat/ac unit serviced and change the filter.  If there is nothing wrong with the unit (and don’t take the client’s word for it being fine) then you start down your own check list for other explainable things, anyone in the immediate area smoke (because we all know wind carries).  It’s ONLY when you can’t explain it that you should turn to it being paranormal in nature.

I’m not saying don’t watch these paranormal TV shows, they can be fun, don’t go on tours.  I’m saying step back, take a breath and don’t take them as gospel for the mere fact it is TV.  It is edited to get a response from the viewer, from a truck shot to the music it’s all done to get you to watch.

When I’m told things like, The network puts on his show, he has a following and everyone is making money, why do you care?

I care because I see kids who follow these people from TV shows and they truly believe what they are told, they take these actors words as gospel which leads to heavy misunderstandings. Some have even tried to commit suicide because they believe they are haunted and get no response from these actors or because something said on one of these shows.  When I see kids in stores buying spell books because they want to cast spells on others because it would cool or they don’t like them and they heard about it on a tv show, who is ultimately  responsible for these kids killing others (like what happened with Slender Man, who never existed until it was created for a story on the internet) harm themselves or others because these TV shows are irresponsible in the information they provide and the way they present it.

Who is responsible for kids trying to kill someone else, harming themselves, breaking into places to “investigate it” because they saw Zak, Nick, TAPs there and they got wicked (possibly made up) evidence. They are trying to get noticed for their own TV show or just to post it to YouTube to look cool.  These shows need to be more responsible in who you have on, what they say and what you tell people.  Know what you are talking about, unless it is all just about you making money.