Ok, before I say anything I will be ignoring the part of this episode about the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre wall, why because please We are suppose to believe that the city of Chicago would allow Zak Bagans to cut away half a wall that is part of the city’s history, hell no.  Right now, the piece of wall is a fake and if you look at the photos Zak is doing an interview in front of the real wall, like his “Forest of the Dolls” he made a “replacement” wall so people visiting could see it, I prefer visiting the real thing because there is nothing like real deep dish pizza in Chicago.

Now onto The Conjure Chest.  I’ve seen this piece of Kentucky history and well sorry it is NOT cursed nor haunted.  Knowing about the real history of the area and how people actually lived you will understand the mentality that was the south during and after slavery.  There was not a lot of understanding going on between plantation owners, slaves were cheap labor, sure some of the slaves brought over by the Dutch were from the islands and straight up voodoo practitioners, not to be messed with.  But little of the body or mind was known at the time so….

Be honest would you fuck with someone who could put a curse on you……it’s all in the way you think about it and again why as a paranormal investigator you need to take some damn psychology classes, know your history, religions and comprehend what is being taught. ( I can never stress that enough really or you do more harm than good)

I have seen some pretty scary shit in Haiti and I believe a practitioner can have someone believing they are cursed, possessed or whatever but is it true, I guess it is if you believe it is right..

So, this family believed the chest was cursed.  Remember back when this chest was made a child was lucky it was born alive, made it to a teenager and the average age of a man at death was somewhere around 35 if lucky.  People, if you read the stories attached to this that is all it is.  They believed it was haunted and blamed everything bad that happened to them on the chest THAT is what a voodoo curse is.  Now if a voodoo practitioner places an attachment on you or something you own(say a Robert the Doll) that is different and NOT TRANSFERABLE!!!  It dies when the person afflicted with the spell dies.

This will be an interesting episode.