All I have to say is, really?  I think that Zak had this huge opportunity to prove that anything that might seem to be an attachment is to the LIVING not some inanimate object that has no living energy or thought process. Spells, Curses and Castings are directed at the living, they only work on living energy.

The propose of a VooDoo curse is to make the living, intended person believe they are cursed so as to leave the practitioner alone OR do their bidding.  In order for it to work the intended MUST believe in the magic.  Placing a VooDoo attachment to an object, like a doll is much different.  A VooDoo attachment  is more like when a witch sends an imp to do their bidding or watch someone they put a capture (love) spell on.  The practitioner  has “eyes” on the situation and can “see” through a trance state what is going on. A VooDoo attachment would never be placed on a child or the unborn.  It’s actually a complicated process and involves the practitioner to be able to enter the trance state.  Castings are not for the timid or the untrained, lots of things can go wrong so……This older woman who is supposedly a Dr. of Divinity still believes the chest is cursed, I say nope…..and if she has anything around her it’s not an owl just because there are owl feathers in the drawer, come on.  Any attachment  she may have is probably a pacemaker since anytime the meter was brought to the left side (where a pacemaker would be placed) it spiked……really people, again, know and comprehend how stuff works.  If you are going to use a supposed ghost hunting tool understand the workings.


The EVP captured at “the wall”  Ok, this is where I again need to point out if you are going to try to fake EVPs at least try to have the person speak in the way they would have in the time the spirit passed.  I would have to call a linguist but I’m pretty sure they did not use the I’m more than I am in the 30’s (even if the first known use of the contraction is in 1584)  and to get the entire sentence, “I’m dying, help me, What is happening to me”. If the spirit said I’m wouldn’t it also say What’s, instead of What is.  Most who use contractions continue through a whole sentence.    Y’all were speaking too fast for that whole sentence to be captured.  Also, when you slow down an EVP (or any recording) the sentence structure would have also been slower, the words would not have become more clear they would have sounded more drawn out and slow.

One other thing, the last rites kit in the start of the show…  I don’t think any of the people present have ever attended a last rites.  I have been to far too many from working in a hospital and hospice care as well as being a minister who can perform them for all religions and I have never seen anyone light a candle, at least not a priest who would carry a kit like that.  It resembled more of what I carry for an exorcism, so there’s that.

I have to say, I’m not sure what this show is suppose to be doing other than pre-sale on tickets for Zak’s museum.  Zak says the show was going to go deeper into the history and he was going to be helping people.  I have yet to witness any help nor get any real history or true paranormal anything.  Mostly I’ve seen a lot of made-up BS (or the same old stories on items) from people who have been all over paranormal tv and who are actors cast at central casting.

Will I go to Zak’s museum when it opens, yes but more to see the old house than the stuff. I love old houses/architecture so once I’m done checking out the house I’ll check out the items.  It’ll be a blast to see if I can pick up anything from any object he may have that wasn’t purchased at toys r us.