As I was hopping around the net researching rumors that I had heard/seen about Deadly Possessions and that yes indeed the people on them are actors being cast for the show I found something interesting after being directed to listen to Kevin Mannis’ online spoken word poetry on a website called (or just google him) and low and behold there before my ears was the exact “poem” he was speaking on last week’s episode of Deadly Possessions.

Let’s see a few of the words as it was cut for the show but let’s review.  He (Kevin) was in the “isolation” chamber.  Zak and the guys say they didn’t know what he was doing nor reciting yet a simple google search of Kevin Mannis turns up…..If you watch the episode and listen to the broadjam posting it is done in the exact same voice/accent.


The Shadowman-Part 1

Light from the hallway crept into my room, along with the shadow man too I assume.

For never before had I seen such a form that could change the candle’s flame licks in a storm.

Just as quiet as a monk, he crept on his knees and then he perched on the edge of my bed if you please.

With an ear to ear grin, he made sure I was wide awake lest he begin….

The poem goes on but the rest was cut from the show.  This is the stuff Zak as the producer of the show should know before allowing anyone to pretend they are even possibly mildly possessed for a tv show.  If I can find this I’m going to bet a whole lot of other viewers have.

Not only does this make all paranormal investigators look bad but proves Kevin Mannis was in no way even on his way to being possessed or that a simple old wine storage box has a dark entity attached to it even if it did at some point.  What it does call into question, after all these years, was the box really ever haunted or was it all just a movie script. Or worst case, Zak knew about it all and just used it because it offered theatrics to she show.

And once again it resonates, Everyone is making money, what’s the problem?

So, what is the problem……