This is the kind of thing that where having even the most minuscule amount of Psychology would help explain this so called phenomena.

Peggy the Doll is not what’s causing this, it’s the fact that everyone who goes to see the doll is told this horrific story and in their mind expects something awful to happen to them as a result of looking at this doll. You’re looking at it right now as you read this……


It’s a doll, an inanimate object.  I’ve looked at her many times, looking right now as I type this and well……nothing. Because like VooDoo it’s a trick to get those who believe in the “magic” to believe that an inanimate object can become objectified and cause a response in your body/mind.  Why do you think that all these supposed haunted places that sell tickets hype it up with a tour before you “investigate”.  They are trying to solidify in your mind you will see/feel/hear something.  It’s the places that don’t sell tickets or give you a tour but just let you go you need to be on guard in, that’s why I always tell those I work with to never tell me anything about a location, item or family, Unless there are mental issues.

This should be good as I understand the show will be having a seance in order to contact the alleged spirit haunting the doll.  I’m sorry I have to point out that the mere fact you have a seance calls into question just what are you contacting or what did you bring fourth it does not in any way prove it’s the doll that is haunted, maybe it’s the location, maybe if it’s poltergeist in nature it’s the living energy involved causing it.

The story of light bulbs blowing out and such points to poltergeist activity not possession of an inanimate object.  I would look toward the person in direct possession of the doll as the source of any alleged activity.

Can’t wait to see this episode, I say with a laugh.