So in tonight’s episode of Deadly Possessions we get to hear from someone who says a doll caused her heart attack and watch as a seance is conducted around a shriveled thumb.  Now keeping in mind that from both, the doll and the thumb the many times they have been sold/passed down to others, the “chain of custody” on these items hit some pretty big numbers in the realm of paranormal possessions and the stories just get bigger as time goes on.  I’m still saying it’s the living person that is the problem not the inanimate object.  Poltergeist activity (as stated by many) is caused by the living.  I don’t care how “white magic” you try to come off there is still some sort of negative energy you are releasing in some way.  Through a seance like the use of a Ouija or any other magic/spell you are opening a door, if you do not close that door anything can come through.


Again, the thumb can’t even be authenticated from what I understand (we’ll see how Zak fixes that one).  And the doll, well as I’ve said before, it’s an inanimate object…to clarify many have read this blog all week and I have not heard a peep as to anyone looking at the photos posted and having any sort of problem.  Could it possibly be because they are photos of a DOLL, I did no build up, I did not put any ideas into anyone’s head about how anything was going to happen to them.


Now, I’ll bet Zak will be inundated with those twitter followers having “problems” from the show.  Don’t get me wrong I love what Zak and GA started as and I get it, I really do because I have dealt with dark entities many times but they have never been because of objects.  They have been true entities, sometimes just pissed off spirits that direct their energies in less than productive ways and then some who just couldn’t find the light in order to move on (and that’s the problem I have with paranormal tourism, would you like to be stuck, poked, yelled at, made fun of by those making money off you?).

Let’s see what happens.  I’m going to err on the side as always that this is like mass hysteria.  Build up the bad and you get bad again, that’s what a voodoo priest does and directing that negative energy does eventually come back on you if you do not know how to cleanse properly through shamanistic, Witchcraft or even VooDoo ritual.