Ghost Brothers is another new “unscripted” series on Destination America that looks at proving (or attempting to prove) that spirits exist.

The “brothers” are friends who had paranormal experiences in childhood, they are, Marcus Harvey, Dalen Spratt and Juwann Mass.

I finally watched the first episode and….wow, takes viewers back to the early days of Ghost Adventures and Ghost hunters where it was about the emotion relating to the experience and well that is what paranormal investigating is, you’ve got to be huge on the raw emotion that relates to the experience.  If you feel that something is touching you as an investigator you need to articulate what it feels like.

I actually enjoyed this show, they are indeed funny and bring  an African-American vibe to the paranormal.  There are many things an investigator can learn from the African-American (like the native american) community about death and spirits.  There are very strong held and sometimes very different beliefs within the community.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Destination American has taken this chance and given these guys the opportunity to display that, the paranormal community is not all white, tattooed, men (although Juwan has one, yes I saw that).  Hoping they won’t go with bimbos or talking heads to get women into the mix.

Now, for the episode.  Magnolia Plantation…..WOW!!!!  Magnolia Plantation is one of my most favorite places to just sit in the grass and hang out.  Aunt Agnus like Mamma Laveau is not one to be messing with.  Like I keep saying, those who are VooDoo practitioners are not to be messed with, even in death they carry strong ability to mess you up…..if you believe.  But even if you don’t it’s always better to just not poke the bear.   LOVED that they even just attempted to speak french to any spirit that might be there, even knocked on the doors before entering.  You are still entering another’s home,  And they were respectful while still maintaining why they were there.

I look forward to seeing how this show plays out.  Learning more about the guys and their background and their experiences.