I did watch last night’s episode and yes I looked at the doll and got….nothing, but I didn’t expect anything either.   Zak has this huge opportunity to show how affected the living can be by the paranormal,  he at least showed in last night’s episode how deeply engrained the fear is for some.

I give major props to the lady for facing the fear, hopefully she can over come it and move on.  It’s a deep seeded psychological fear in which she needs to be working with a real therapist not some one who performs seances claiming to be able to  help.   This is what can happen and anyone, as a paranormal investigator or someone who owns a supposed haunted object must remember. YOU have the opportunity to instill fear in those who believe, it’s wrong to do so and some feel it gives them power over others and that is sad.  As an investigator you need to be very careful what you say and how you word things to clients.

Do I think that is what Zak is doing, no not intentionally.  He needs to understand fully that when those who live for the paranormal, live for some kind of touch, sound any contact from the deceased they are sometimes easily swayed.  That is what VooDoo and  Witchcraft does and I’m seeing it in the paranormal community now.  Those who are on TV (except Zak and crew at this point) leading these huge tours of supposed haunted places.  Those who attend may get a small EVP or “feel” a touch or get a scratch and that perpetrates the location.

The television viewer gets caught up in the music, the lighting, the dialogue, the movement not realizing it’s all done for effect, to get a response.  There was in some of last night’s episode a constant low base beat that one can hear.  When coupled with the dialogue and the higher tones in the actual soundtrack one does not hear the lower base beat BUT that beat (like a heart beat) can cause in those with anxiety problems the feeling of increased anxiety/fear, this is a documented proven fact.  There is even documented proof that this constant base beat has caused those who have suffered a heart attack in the past to have suffered another one, even constant untreated anxiety can cause a heart attack.

When you are a serious paranormal investigator and you get anything like that you automatically go into “debunk mode”, I do at least.  If I get a scratch (and I have scars from some of mine) If it’s dark I turn on every light and look around.  If I get an EVP I look for the possibility that it was some other sound.

I like that the guest was given the chance to face her fear I just wish it had been done in a more……therapeutic way where she has the support system afterward to move on.