With Aaron on Deadly Possessions-




Wanita ini Sering Berkomunikasi Dengan 12 Boneka Berhantu Miliknya  I have heard through the paranormal grapevine that Katrin Reedit, the woman who was so fearful of Peggy the Doll has been making the rounds in the UK and is a huge “haunted doll collector” .


I have to ask, why if you are so terrified of Peggy the Doll why are you out making the rounds talking up all your “haunted dolls” and collecting them.  It’s said she even “hires baby sitters for them”.


I’m not sure if Zak and crew knew this beforehand but a simple google search (the likes that has been done by others) would have shown this to be true.  I will revoke my previous high five for facing her fears as it seems the whole thing was an act to get publicity for HER “haunted doll collection”.

Sure ok some will say “she might only be scared of Peggy”  I’ll give you that but come on, If one doll scares you all dolls do, I know, I HATE dolls and have my whole life. I don’t go collecting them, even the Mrs. Beasly doll I had I paid my brothers to throw her on the roof just to get rid of her, they creep me out.

Bravo Katrin you had a lot of people bamboozled and maybe even Zak Bagans and crew (although it is still TV).  I know some people are going to get pissed off at me but this is what’s wrong with the paranormal since it became big on TV, people who make things up for attention and to be on a hot show (and maybe to get close to Zak Bagans), at least she got a few days in Vegas on the production company, I hope Zak and the guys were sweet.