Well well, this should be interesting.  How can you buy something that is supposed to be haunted when the person who owned (even touched it) isn’t dead?

That is the premise for this week’s episode of Deadly Possessions, boy it’s a doozy.  I’m guessing this will be like that opening of Al Capone’s Vault…..nothing.

Why in god’s name would anyone Charles Manson killed, oh wait technically he never actually killed anyone he only had the metal hold over his followers and had them do it.  To this day you can still hear it in his voice, he thinks he can get you to do anything he wants.  Because in his twisted mind he actually thought he’d get off, I still can’t believe there are people who think he should be out….holding my tongue, because until you have sat across from an actual serial killer you have no clue.


This would be the old TV he had in his cell.  I can guarantee Charles Manson is not seeing spirits of those he killed.  To this day he refuses to take any responsibility for his crimes or admit to his part in them.

Why Zak is giving him any sort of publicity is beyond me.  It’s like buying a painting from John Wayne Gacy, the mother f*cker killed a bunch of kids and cemented them under his house.  Charles Manson is not a god, although there are those who think he is beyond cool.  I find it interesting, those who do because it says a lot about you.

Collecting supposed haunted items is one thing but buying a TV  from a psychotic killer who reminds one of Jim Jones, David Koresh, Kim Jong Un/Il (pick one), Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot even Madoff (google them, the behavior) and trying to convince those who can be swayed is irresponsible to say the least.   I’m guessing the TV was really purchased through a state sale when all the old TV’s in the prison where replaced, again NOT haunted so why buy it and place it on display in a museum dedicated to supposed haunted items.  Dr. Kervorkian’s van is probably more haunted then this TV, popcorn at the ready.

I’m not real sure what buying these items is really all about.  I mean there are all sorts of these kind of places that display items from grotesque to mundane to not so much, even human bodies.  Again, reveling in this sort of thing night and day says a lot about the person reveling in it.  Some of the items are pretty dark and I’m surprised the refrigerator Jeffery Dammer used to store the body parts isn’t in this museum, it’s probably in a garbage dump long ago if not still in a police warehouse, wait for it.

Yes, I have a problem with those who kill people for their own enjoyment, they shouldn’t be treated as anything other than the heinous criminal they are.  They are not to be touted, revered or even acknowledged and that’s all I’ll say.

I went and did some investigating on this Manson grandson interview that will be in the show.  This grandson is supposedly an MMA fighter (we know Zak is big on UFC/MMA).  His father Charles Manson Jr. was the son of Charles Manson’s teenage wife Roselie and he  killed himself in the 90’s and his son has lived by his step father’s last name.  I still don’t get what a TV that is not haunted has to do with a show about haunted objects BUT I do see the connection that the living can be haunted by family members pasts, the whole sins of the father kind of thing.  Jason Freeman should not be held up for what Charles Manson did as he did not commit the crimes.  We’ll see how this one pans out but I think I know why this TV is being presented.