Ok, well this week I will not be discussing Zak’s grotesque flea market find of Ed Gein’s Cauldron.  The man boiled body parts of those he killed in it WHY THE F*ck anyone would want it (it’s disrespectful to the victims and their families).  I’m guessing it points to something of a psychological issue.  Which there is a morbid fascination going on with some of the items Zak is collecting.  Sure, Sure there are others vying for these items online but the question remains……how do you know for sure this particular item wasn’t just some old lady’s flower pot since it had been used as a flower pot by I believe a neighbor and then when the neighbor passed it was sold.


Above:  The Original painting and the artist

Moving onto, The Crying Boy Painting.  Again, unless this is the ORIGINAL painting.  There were at one time 28 variations (both boys and girls) to the Bragolin painting which was widely distributed in the 1950’s  and the painter painted at least 65 different paintings of crying children, but there are estimates of between 1k-2k.  The children were picked at random and not all from orphanages.  Even the stories of Bragolin and Spain were works of fiction, made up by George Mallory who was at the time a rather well respected occult researcher.

Some of the many variations:

The curse was started by a fireman on September 4th 1985 who stated that many copies had been found in burned down houses, undamaged.  By November of that same year there was a full on curse attached to the painting, not the original but the variations.

Steve Punt and his show Punt PI (comic in nature but) after testing with/by The Building Research Establishment, found the variations had been treated with a fire retardant varnish and when the string (or whatever) holding the painting burned through it caused the painting to land face down.  Thus protecting the front of the painting from fire. Most of these stories  came from urban legends in South American countries and after a story ran in The Sun tabloid witch-hunts and bonfires ensued.  Although it was rumored that Bragolin was involved in and practiced black arts he was a caring father/husband and had a sense of humor about those rumors, he never practiced black arts of any kind.

The fire experiment from Steve Punt Show:


So, again unless this is the ORIGINAL Bragolin painting, which is either lost, hidden, in a private collection or some of the world war 2 stolen art somewhere there is no curse on the many variations of this painting.   I can’t wait to see if Zak tries to pass off a replica as the original when by doing a simple google search you can find and see all the different variations.  On bragolin.weebly.com one can find photos of some of the many variations of crying children.

I ask, if Zak is not in possession of the original painting and with fire experts proving there is no curse, just simple fire mechanics how does one prove there is a curse?

Like I always say, you as an investigator MUST understand how things work.  If you don’t know go to experts NOT television actors.