Before I post, Don’t kill the messenger!!!!


Sorry, I will not be discussing this final episode of Deadly Possessions for the mere fact it is being done for pure drama, ratings and to sensationalize something most consider an accident.

Natalie Wood’s own daughter appeared on Good Morning America this am (5/5/16) and spoke briefly about her mother’s death and stated she, after thirty fives years and her own investigations into the matter believe it was just a horrible accident.  Her mother had been drinking aboard the yacht, got into an inflatable dingy and tried to go ashore.

She called her step father Robert Wagner “the greatest” and she discounts that her step father (Wagner) had anything to do with it and Robert Wagner has publicly supported any and all investigations into the death including the last in 2013 where the death certificate was amended and the cause was changed from “accident” to Undetermined”.  The only thing the change does is leave it pretty much an unsolved case by state standards, it is not looked at as a murder case and Wagner is not a suspect. It also states that there was fresh bruising that could have happened before death” but anyone who has worked in/around coroner’s and the dead know she fell, hit her head, a fall causes bruising. The thing that gets me is why did the coroner change the death certificate and add that after almost 35 years, that is something that should have been on it since the bruising would have been seen at or shortly after autopsy.

You can find even the autopsy results here,  and search Natalie Wood

As for the Kevorkian Death Van, really I can not believe Zak bought that thing.  I’m still not sure this museum thing is going to pan out to be a real place people can go to see this stuff.  If so he’ll certainly capture the fan of the morbid and the over the top fans of Ghost Adventures who hang on everything he says weather it’s true or not.

It’s interesting to watch, as someone who has been involved in the paranormal since a young age, I even interview UFO Abductees/Contactees watching how the paranormal on TV has taken on a life of it’s own and just because you are an actor on TV it makes you an expert to things some real scientists have been trying to just prove for centuries.

Zak constantly says they help people.  I still don’t see how.  I help people, I put them in contact with those who are real shaman that can cleanse, bishops, clergy who can assist.  I do cleansings etc….myself.  I have seen not in one show of Ghost Adventures, After Shocks or this new show where any help has been given EXCEPT to “relieve” those who possess possibly haunted items of those items.  There is still a lot of chatter that this whole show was a set up and that none of these items Zak did not own beforehand.

Question, Does this call into question anything he now presents on future episodes/seasons of Ghost Adventures as being faked?