Watercolor from painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti titled “How They Met Themselves” from 1864.

I found this episode of Ghost Brothers intriguing for the mere fact not many in the paranormal community have the guts to even mention Doppelgänger  Entities.  Many who experience them are also inclined not to speak of them.

In German Doppelgänger  literally means Double-Goer.  It is a double or look alike of a living person and has been long believed to be the harbinger of bad luck…even death to the one who sees their double.  But this paranormal phenomena is also when the experiencer hears the voice of someone else. These Doppelgängers  can also do what is known as “throwing the voice” they can mimic a living person’s voice, usually only someone the living knows.  There have been any number of reports stating living people being called  and avoiding death,  there have been those who have been called and almost died as well. Some even call them angels because they heard their name be called by the voice they recognized and they avoided death/harm.

This is one of the most strange of the paranormal phenomena because IF doppelgängers  are real entities it signals that some spirits are conscience of their surroundings and knowledgeable of what is/about to happen.  OR as some believe they are just playing with the living……..because they can. (doubtful)

Growing up in my old house there were a number of times I would swear my Mom called me and I would go to where she was and she would swear she didn’t call me.  It was so strange a happening I just quit responding unless the living person was right there.

The word Doppelgänger is considered relatively new, first being coined in 1787 and was strangely defined as “an apparition of a living person”.  But this “seeing of the living’s double” goes as far back in writings at least as Egyptian times and was known then as the Ka.  With stories of the living seeing the Ka of a family member or priest.  It is a long held belief that the apparition was the living person’s soul and you were never to awaken a sleeping person if you saw it, for you would kill the person as the soul would not be able to get back into the body.  Kind of like it is said to never touch or awaken a person who is meditating or astral projecting.

In Psychology and Psychiatry there is thinking that these “visions” of the doppelgänger is a symptom of schizophrenia or epilepsy and is known as Heautoscopy, the question is how does one explain that the living who have neither of these medical conditions nor being treated for them see or hear the doppelgänger ?


I have visited Prospect Place and found it rather amazing on the spirit scale.  Like Myrtles Plantation in that I enjoy just sitting and listening.  This is another place where if you sit still and quit enough you can hear the spirits talking, day or night.  I would find the chance to experience a doppelgänger  on the property a rather neat experience (as long as I don’t see me).  It would prove even more interesting if investigators or even the owners would invest in some cameras placed around the house (inside & out), see what they capture.  If you place register books throughout the home,  sign in with a time/day each time you enter a room then review the cameras you just might get something.

I did however feel the presence of something extremely pissed off in the barn area but I don’t think it’s harmful as it was pissed off but moved away from me when I entered.  I would love to be able to return.

I cannot tell anyone how to deal with or get rid of a doppelgänger for the mere fact there really is no way unless the living person dies.  There are Mimickers in the paranormal who can indeed mimic the living’s voice but very rarely is there even a demonic entity who will go through all the bother just to mess with a living person.  Believe me, there are no demons here to take you to Hell, there are no demons who collect souls for Satan, he can do that all on his own (or should I say you make the choice by how/what you mess in without knowledge).

I really am enjoying Ghost Brothers.  They seem insightful into the paranormal yet still green enough to laugh at themselves for getting scared.  Because if you are an investigator and do not get scared you have a huge problem or it’s faked, I do still get butterflies when entering a location.  They are respectful (something that is sorely lacking in other shows) of the spirits and I hope if they do get a season two they continue and do not get the swelled heads some of these other actors have now, they actually believe their own press, that they are the end all and be all of everything paranormal when they literally know squat.