So, this past weekend it was announced that Nick Groff’s show Paranormal Lockdown has been picked up by Destination America for a second season.  If anything I will admit when I’m wrong about a show (even if it’s only half wrong).

Because of my hectic schedule last semester  so having saved all the episodes to DVR I figured maybe I had not given the show a real fair chance after all the behind the scenes bull s*it that has gone on, I loved Nick on Ghost Adventures so I took a whole day and veg’ed out in front of the tube. It is nice to see him out in front of something, talking, showing his paranormal balls so to speak.

Ok, it does kind of take the old Ghost Adventures a tiny bit farther, all us Ghost Adventure fans know we always wanted the guys locked up alone all night instead of together.  I had assumed that each one (Katrina and Nick) would be locked in separately, not so.  They are I think (editing makes it hard to tell) locked in together and stay in separate areas of the location.  I like the background of the locations BUT…..since just about everyone has been explored to death (no pun intended) I wish that would go away unless it is a truly new location and I don’t want to hear the droning of the same tired stories over and over (like on Deadly Possessions).

What I do hope for season 2 is that there are new, and key here is never before seen locations.  All these paranormal shows are getting a bit tiring and boring.  They all go to the same tired assed pay for play locations where there is rarely if anything ever caught and if something is it’s rather questionable at best if it’s faked.

With the announcement that came from Jason Hawes today that Season 11 will be Ghost Hunters last ON SYFY (I’m thinking they will be re-selling it to another channel) it narrows the field actually considerably to Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown and Ghost Brothers (who are filming what could be season 2 currently).  I have heard chatter that there is some ex-playboy bunny trying to get into the mix for a show.  O M FreakinG no!!

I don’t know what the hell these producers are doing but it is looking more like they are trying very hard to take paranormal research and beliefs back to the dark ages where if you admitted to seeing spirits you were sent to the looney bin, I keep asking myself WTF…..I’m pretty sure an ex-playmate will just turn out to be a laughing stock even if she is/has been around the community for awhile, really nothing new to offer.

Even though I have never blogged about Ghost Hunters (mainly because I’m not sure it’s not faked) I will miss it as a staple for the dreary Wednesday night line-ups most channels have going on.   I wish more producers and channels would take chances on real original shows (Lucifer from Len Wiseman for instance) and give viewers new stuff instead of seeing something that worked so copying it to harangue viewers.

I will wait to see what Paranormal Lockdown offers up in Season 2 and I think Ghost Brothers will certainly turn into quite the contender for Nick and Katrina, and not only for locations.  While Ghost Adventures looks to be concentrating on locations on the left coast for season 13, another season of old ghost mining towns maybe.