As of February 18, 2016 Zak Bagans became owner of the Historic Wengert House in Las Vegas.  Article below.

Two deaths were the homes original owners, this according to the Nevada Preservation Foundation and this house will supposedly house Ghost Adventures.  Maybe the second floor will become working offices for all things Ghost Adventures? According to other media Zak was instrumental in getting the home designated as a historical piece of Las Vegas.

The only two reported deaths on the actual property were the homes original builders and owners BUT there are many apartments buildings and other dwellings not to mention lots of crime and other activity in the area so deaths not associated with the property could be a major contributor to any paranormal activity.

Zak has stated there will be a Ghost Adventures episode dedicated to this home and the supposed activity so fans will be waiting with baited breath to see just what the activity is and if the guys can pinpoint where it came from, maybe a drug deal gone wrong?

Ghost Adventures returns with all new episodes July 16th.