Ok, so I watched episode one of Nick Groff’s new show Ghosts of Shepherdstown and I’m gonna tell you…..it was a gut punch.  100%

By the end of this episode I had one hell of a headache on the top of my head, I was nauseated, felt sick AND got punched in the gut.

I know some are going to say, that can’t happen from watching TV and I will tell you YES it can.  When a person is an Empath or Sensitive or a medium we can pick up things from watching it on TV.  TV and production are done using electricity and electricity transmits energy and what are spirits…….energy.  Some can be picked up through electrical devices. I can also feel EMFs, since I got electrocuted by 220 volts while living in Europe.  I feel the EMF in my finger tips, spirits I feel in the top of my head, the hairs on my body, etc..

Now, I need to say for a town as old as Shepherdstown I would have first gone to the center of town and cast my Witch Stones.  (below is my actual cast right after the show and done on Periscope)


Let me go over why these stones came up.  These are Divination stones used by witches usually to tell the future BUT they can also be used to allow spirits to give direction to those of us who know/understand and can contact.

First we will take the Chalice, which landed in the “Point” area.  The Chalice stone is a Rose Quartz and is normally used as a calming stone.  In this instance it is giving the direction of, Love and partnerships.  Landing in the Point means that, there needs to be some hard work because at present it is out of reach. So, I would say someone needs to find out what the spirits wants/needs.

The other four stones landed at the “Centre” of the board.  The first is the Cauldron.  It is an Adventurine stone.  The Cauldron to witches represent “re-birth”, regeneration, knowledge while the Adventurine signifies Intuition.

this stone landing in the Centre position tells that the situation will improve. I believe this is why things basically hit the fan when Nick and crew started poking around.

Stone 2 in the Centre is the Tiger’s Eye and has nothing inscribed on it.  Why you ask, Because this stone represents, in this instance Secrecy. The Tiger’s Eye itself represents The Unknowable.  Secrets, someone has a secret or lots of secrets.  My guess would be that the main spirits that should be investigated in that town is a witch AND the person who had her murdered.  The stones do not lie and the way they were cast do not either, you’ll understand.

Stone 3 in the Centre is the Pentagram.  This stone is a Brazilian Agate and signifies the achievements of desires (see where it’s going yet).  The Pentagram represents the four elements plus the spirits (witch).  It landing in the Centre signifies, the outcome will be favorable.  Perhaps meaning that someone will step up and assist her.

Stone 4 is the Athame (knife).  This stone is Red Jasper and signifies Success and Severence.  It landing in the Centre signifies, Now is the time for action.

I say the spirit that is causing most of the problems in the town is a Witch from long ago who was in a secret relationship(possibly a mistress) and when found out the other person in the relationship had her murdered by telling she was a witch.  I will go out on a limb and say she was drowned not burned because I was feeling like little drops of water on my feet during the show and she could be the body from the reported sightings in the river…………the stones never lie.