Well after being sick for a week I finally got to watch the Stardust Ranch episode of Ghost Adventures.  I’ve been out in the area of Stardust Ranch many times,  again, growing up in California and visiting family in Arizona all the time.  My cousins, brothers, friends and I were always looking for UFOs (saw one once).  We’ve been kicked off military property, almost arrested, oh it was interesting growing up being interested in the paranormal but also growing up in the Philippines witnessing what I did.

As a Psychologist who helps those affected by not only spirits but also the possible alien visitation/abduction phenomena I find places like Stardust Ranch…..interesting.  Because in all the years of talking to experiencers I have never heard anyone mention that spirits and aliens are either the same thing or involved with each other and certainly have never heard anyone call the “greys” demons.

This episode was strange to say the least. If you ever have the chance to drive out near Stardust Ranch you will see how empty and barren a place it is. Most of the land on one side belongs to the nuclear power plant and good luck if you cross into their property, it’ll be like the military swooping in at area 51.



I have an issue with the dead horse.  I saw my first cattle mutilation at the ripe age of 19 as I was taking a coroner’s class course and we got a call out to a ranch in Santa Ysabel near Julian in San Diego County.  The NINE cattle we picked up (after being out for days) never leathered (like the horse), had no blood, no smell, No flies or insects of any kind, just a missing tongue, eyes and genitals. One even had it’s hind quarters missing but the legs remained. Even after sitting in the county vet for over a month still nothing.  We were informed to never say anything about these mutilations to any news crew who may ask.  That was my real foray into mutilations.  At the time I thought, someone has a pretty powerful handheld laser which could cut and cauterize really well and I remember the vet saying, “Not funny, a laser like that would have to be mounted in a truck”.  It was 1986 so handheld lasers were still a long way off.

I also had an issue with the whole lighting bolt story and the cleansing.  First off a cleansing will never help get rid of Aliens, please and three lighting bolts to the head…..well medically do I need to point out.   Secondly, abductees should be very careful of those who are only interested in their story for TV or a book.  Chances are the abductee will come out of it badly.


Travis Walton….I love that he is now talking about his experiences but to me, if Zak is going to go all Alien he needs to do it in a separate show from Ghost Adventures.  Travis’ story deserves a whole episode, like many others.

As someone who has heard so many abduction stories Travis’ story really holds to time.  He doesn’t talk of going through stargates or portals (even if aliens do use vortexes they aren’t of the spirit kind).  His story is scary if you listen to it.

I always ask those I talk to, what scares you more.  Someone you know or someone you don’t?


There is good reason for the question which points to your memories of the event.  I am a firm believer that the greys abductees talk about are not ghosts, but rather a screen memory.  Something placed in the mind that would scare the person. Just as I do not believe in nine foot lizards fitting into a 6 foot human (sounds more like Men in Black).  In the field of Alien experiencers one must tread very lightly as to not add to or put ideas into the abductees mind and the investigator MUST pay close attention to the story, picking out any/all movie/tv show references but also listening for parallels to other abductee stories.  As for the happenings at Stardust Ranch…..I have never actually investigated the place and of course can not tell what the actual story is from a heavily edited TV show but to me, if you watch there are many animal cages around the house and at one point I counted four stacked against a wall in the room the sofa was in as well as one directly behind the sofa where the image of the dark mist came from.

I’m going to err on the side of a cat hightailing it from the area, a big fluffy cat.  Now, I don’t know if the owner has cats but the fact I wasn’t there, did not witness it nor did any of the GA crew try to debunk it as a cat does lead one to think, cat.   They also had at least one large bird, so any hissing or other noises would have to be debunked as not being the bird or any other animal.

***I have to point this out by saying when the crew walked into the house and saw all the cages they should have made note on the show that they either cleared the area of all the animals OR debunked on camera that the sounds did not come from the animals.  Not doing so kind of leads one to think the sounds could have and the crew knew it***


Dave Shrader, can we see more of Dave….Love him.  He made me wish Aliens would come down and say Hi to him.  Old saying tho, if you want something too much you’ll probably never get it.  My grandmother wanted to see a UFO so bad, never got to.  Yet, My brothers and I saw several in various locations over the years.

I did not however enjoy the sound at the end.  It made my head feel like it was in a vice until Jay turned it up.  Not sure exactly what that machine was suppose to do but nice try.

I think there is more Alien type things going on at Stardust Ranch, Az (do not confuse it with the Brothel in Vegas) than spirits or demons.

I think if anyone wanting to explore the Alien side of the paranormal does a show it needs to be done with tact, sincerity, a true desire to get to the truth because I can tell you (as someone who has seen the real men in black and the black helicopters) there are those out there that will tear you apart as much as there are those out there who will go after you on every level they can and usually both are not on the same side.  I’ve heard of those who become big in the field being mysteriously killed or dying.  It is not a light field nor should the subject be taken lightly because if this is happening to people what has been done to their minds to keep it quite.

True abductees usually keep to themselves and rarely even share the experience(s) with family so a tv show about it would be for drama as well as the stories might be questionable.