I think it is hilarious when I flip through some of these paranormal shows.  It is usually glaring that the producers only wanted ratings and the writers took the first link from google for their research, would it hurt them to crack an actual book, go to the library or talk to actual, real practitioners of the dark arts.  Oh yeah that’s right, they are terrified to not only confront real dark entities but also usually to even be seen with a real Satanist or dark arts practitioner.

I turned on Paranormal Witness on Destination America this morning and the story of a guy who believed his house was haunted by Molach (also Melek).  Understanding the names of those who should not be spoken is a huge help to those in the paranormal IF they take the time to learn.

Molach falls into the ancient primordial demon category because Moloch is called upon to do a dark arts practitioners bidding.  I’ve said it before, this is an area one should NEVER mearly dabble in because karma is a bitch and the primordial demons will get what they where called for, even if it’s you (the caller).

There are nine ancient primordial demons (no I will not name them).  One should never call them unless you are an extremely well versed practitioner.  Some VooDoo priests and priestess can call them but mostly they are called by those versed in the ancient art of HooDoo.

This is were the internet will not help your search or explain what will happen to you when you call.

The first issue I have is that Molach is not in the bible, bible. He does however appear in Pagan writings but is described a god.  Well, I guess if you call something and it seems to do what you ask then back in the day it was a god.

1722_moloch2(an early rendering of Molach-The pagan god)

The primordial demons are those that if you call them you damn well better put them back and if you don’t know how to put them back maybe you better not be messing in the stuff you have no clue about……right.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve seen/heard kids seeing these shows, searching the internet and trying this stuff because “Oh it’ll be cool”.  It always ends badly, you will never get rid of the entity, it will always be over you, waiting for it’s next order and you never really even have to voice it.  Or these things end up like the whole Slenderman thing.

For all the kids out there Slenderman is NOT real, he never has been.  A writer made him up to sell a story online. Stop trying to call him.  You will never get want you want without a price and that price is YOU!!

It’s all fun to watch these shows but do yourself a huge favor and READ A BOOK, a real book. Go to the library, go to a bookstore that specializes in old books.  Talk to the real pagans, witches, satanists.  Never take the internet or tv as gospel.

The Hierarchy of Hell: Who’s Who in Lucifer’s Underworld – article by Daz Lawrence

And always remember, most of what you hear on these shows is based from religious text (the bible) so they are screwed to represent things that the church put out.