I’ve had people always ask, How do you deal with all the demons?

Ok, well to be honest a real demon probably could kick my ass but…..If I’m paying attention I’d know he/she/it was either coming or there.

The funny thing about Ghost Hunting is, you have to have some sort of knowledge of real paranormal activity, and I’m not talking about the movies.  I’m talking about it’s history, and yes there is a long history of Spirit talkers, spirit callers, demons, etc….long before the bible made them a hot item.

The bible created God and Satan before that there was only those  Gods that made the day and or night, those gods who helped make children, find love, grow crops, made it rain to fill the rivers.  You prayed to the god for which you wanted something from.

Now, I’m not saying the Ancient worshippers didn’t know there where bad gods.  God who would do your bidding (we call them demons).  If you wanted a lover and another had him, you’d make an offering.  Maybe the “God” liked what you offered and make it happen, that was the belief.  such an easy belief system.

Then came the Romans, who by the way had their moment in the sun of many gods as well.  But to gain control of the masses of many counties they had to come up with a plan and that plan was what Akhenaten had tried, to unify the masses under one God, The Sun God Ra.  For him it didn’t work so well.  Maybe because he didn’t have the catch, your soul will burn in everlasting hell. Of course the occasional fire pit, public hanging, public chopping off of heads. All made public to instill fear.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t fear criminals, murderers etc….but they aren’t demons.

Demons are dark entities who have been around for a very long time and a true demon can kill you.  They kill you by wearing you down, taking your energy.  They can make you see, hear, experience things and make you feel like it was all a dream.  Can they make you do things, probably given the right circumstances and the right amount of persuasion on your part.

I’ve had a demon offer me things, hell I always joke that I have a condo in hell but I’ve earned the A/C and lava pit view. LOL  Ok, to some that may not be so funny but until you face down a true demon don’t get your panties in such a bunch.  I know he follows me around, waiting for the opportunity.  My job is to never give him that opportunity and the day I die to smirk at him and pass away.  Never giving him the satisfaction of my energy.

I’ve learned through my travels and study to fend them off.  Not that I don’t listen to what they have to say, because like I’ve said before, every spirit has a story.  When a demon makes itself known how do you tell if it’s a true demon?

Ask it a very simple question, What will you give me?

If you either get now answer or you get the answer, what do you want.  It’s not a true demon.  Why, because the true demon will already know what you want and lay that at your feet, for a price. The price will not be to kill another person or animal.  The price will always be YOU!!

The ultimate goal of the demon is to amass energy.  You are energy and the purer the energy the better.  Children are usually their choice.  Mainly because children can see them, and they have not been corrupted by the world at large yet.

I can tell you, I used to think that going to church all the time, reading the bible all that would make it go away.  All the demon did was laugh because demons are far more primal then the bible, then the church and that makes them more powerful.

Some might ask, what about an exorcism.  Well, there are only a few that can perform a real exorcism and an exorcism has  lot to do with your belief system.  Think about it, the exorcism is purely based in christen/catholic religion something that hasn’t been around that long in the grand scheme of things.  Demons have been around a whole hell of a lot longer.  In order to deal with true demons you MUST go farther back.  You have to deal with the entity on a primal level and be willing to get dirty.

But, true demons, and I have to say this again, are very few and far between.  They usually like to go after those who are sensitive and can speak to spirits, why, because the spirit energy is drawn to the sensitive.  The demon would have all the juice it needs, you need to figure out how to dispel the juice before the demon can drink it.  I say make lemonade.