Wengert House becomes Zak Bagans’ Museum

As of February 18, 2016 Zak Bagans became owner of the Historic Wengert House in Las Vegas.  Article below.

Two deaths were the homes original owners, this according to the Nevada Preservation Foundation and this house will supposedly house Ghost Adventures.  Maybe the second floor will become working offices for all things Ghost Adventures? According to other media Zak was instrumental in getting the home designated as a historical piece of Las Vegas.



The only two reported deaths on the actual property were the homes original builders and owners BUT there are many apartments buildings and other dwellings not to mention lots of crime and other activity in the area so deaths not associated with the property could be a major contributor to any paranormal activity.

Zak has stated there will be a Ghost Adventures episode dedicated to this home and the supposed activity so fans will be waiting with baited breath to see just what the activity is and if the guys can pinpoint where it came from, maybe a drug deal gone wrong?

Ghost Adventures returns with all new episodes July 16th.


Ghosts of Shepherdstown

A new paranormal show which begins airing on Destination America June 12th at 10pm with six episodes and sounds as good as it looks….for television, Ghost of Shepherdstown  follows paranormal investigators as they try to find what’s haunting America’s Most Haunted Town.


Sure the top brass at Discovery are billing it in their PR packet as “Real time, serialized investigations”.  I’m guessing they aren’t familiar with the fact real time means it’s live.  At least that’s what I think most people think.  But ok moving on.


Your Investigators are:


NICK GROFF, America’s Leading Paranormal Investigator

Nick Groff has been fascinated with the paranormal ever since surviving a near-death experience as a child. Now, he chases ghosts full-time with the goal of finding new evidence of the afterlife and discovering a breakthrough in paranormal research. After graduating from the University of Nevada with a B.A. in Film, Groff made his big break when he co-wrote, co-produced, co-directed, co-edited, and co-starred in Ghost Adventures: The Original Documentary, which aired on the SciFi Channel in 2007. The film was a winner at the Los Angeles Film/Video Festival and was nominated for “Best Feature Film” at the Eerie Horror Film Festival. The documentary served as a pilot for the Ghost Adventures television series that debuted in 2008 on Travel Channel. Groff was an Executive Producer, co-host, and investigator on seasons 1-10. Groff is also the author of the book Chasing Spirits: The Building of the Ghost Adventures Crew. Now, Groff is the Executive Producer and Host for the hit series Paranormal Lockdown on Destination America.

ELIZABETH SAINT, Paranormal Sensitive

Elizabeth Saint has demonstrated a sensitivity to the supernatural. The manifestations she first experienced as a child led her to pursue a life dedicated to explaining the unexplainable. Being struck by lightning on two separate occasions sparked Saint’s interest in the natural phenomena of electricity. While completing her B.S in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Electrical Systems Technology, she worked as an Engineer Technician for the Department of Defense. During this time she also deepened her understanding as a sensitive by working with Maryland Paranormal Research(R) as a Technician and Senior Investigator. Presently, Saint is exploring her new home state of Colorado and conducting solo investigations at commercial and residential locations along the Front Range. She uses her own engineered designs, under the name Ghostly Gadgets, during these investigations to further her research of the paranormal.


BILL HARTLEY, Paranormal Tech Expert

Bill Hartley’s introduction to the paranormal began during childhood, growing up in a house that was wrought with unusual paranormal activity. As an adult, he became a Civil War re-enactor and founded the Fighting 57th North Carolina, in which he reenacted as his ancestor 1st Sgt. Jonas Hartsell. After witnessing unusual activity at historic locations, Hartley was inspired to pursue paranormal investigation. The unexplainable phenomena Hartley witnessed led him on a journey to discover as much as he could about the paranormal. In 2006, he founded the Greater Maryland Paranormal Society and dedicated himself to helping others living in fear of the mysterious unknown. Hartley believes it is important to have a balanced point of view when it comes to the paranormal investigations. While he does believe locations can be haunted, he remains a skeptic at the same time. Hartley currently works at one of the most haunted locations in Maryland, the Westminster Hall and Burying Grounds that houses some of Maryland’s most historical figures including Edgar Allen Poe.

Along with Chief Michael King.

I have for years wanted to do a full on investigation of Shepherdstown.  It’s one of those places that if you hang out you’ll start hearing the stories and it doesn’t take that long.  I rolled through while going to school in Virginia and West Virginia really is some beautiful country, everyone should see it (October 7 November are best).

Shepherds town sits within Jefferson County along the Potomac river and was chartered in 1792.  There is only 37 square miles and only as of the 2010 census has 1,734 residents.  Billed as “The Most Haunted Town in America” and after sitting along the city’s main drag I can tell you there certainly is some sort of malicious spirit hanging around there.   It is dark and pissed off.

I do have to say with the town sitting right on the Potomac and sitting on bedrock with cambrian-aged conococheague limestone and dolomite it will pay hell getting rid of this spirit.  It is probably being fueled by at least 4-5 residents who have abilities then you get everyone and their uncle coming through town including those who have major abilities AND paranormal investigators who are poking the bear.

There are lots of old places to visit, Cold Spring which was built in 1793, Elmwood-1797, Linden Spring-1793, Morgan’s Grove, Rockland-1897 and Ramsey Hall-Late 18th Century which funny enough Ramsey was the only hold out in the Charter vote.

I firmly believe the spirit there is not someone from the town but something someone conjured there, possibly in some kind of ritual years ago.  This show begins with the 911 call of the sighting of a body floating down the Potomac River.  The sighing of a headless woman and a piano playing by itself.

As always I caution the viewer to remember this is television and there is a lot of production value here.  There are far more people involved in the production behind the scenes then is shown in the show BUT…..having been there, having felt uneasy, nervous and getting what I got as far as feelings/visions while being there it will certainly be interesting to see if any of these things are picked up by these investigators, time will tell.


Episodes featured in GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN are:


Welcome to America’s Most Haunted Town – Series Premiere Episode: Sunday, June 12 at 10/9c

Paranormal experts Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint and Bill Hartley begin their investigation into the flood of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown as they respond to their first case: a mysterious haunting at the local bakery. The terrified night-shift baker reports sightings of a figure in a gray Civil War uniform and strange objects falling past the window outside. With the help of a local historian and a gifted psychic, the team uncovers shocking details of the building’s role in the bloodiest battle in American history.


Do You Know You’re Dead? – Episode Premiere: Sunday, June 19 at 10/9c

A female college student calls 911 after coming face-to-face with what she believes to be a legendary young spirit that’s haunted the campus for decades. Soon, the haunting escalates with a report of the ghost allegedly making violent physical contact with the coed while she was in bed. With things quickly becoming dangerous, the team enlists the aid of a psychic medium and stages an emergency spiritual intervention to discover the secret of what’s agitating the ghost girl and, hopefully, put her spirit to rest.


She Didn’t Have A Face – Episode Premiere: Sunday, June 26 at 10/9c

Nick, Elizabeth and Bill are called to a home where there has been a sighting of a headless woman on the porch.  The team soon discovers a wealth of paranormal evidence that leads them to believe there is more than a single entity haunting the house. With the help of a psychic medium and town historian, the team is able to uncover the spirits’ identities but is still working to explain the rise of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown.


Grave Stalker – Episode Premiere: Sunday, July 3 at 10/9c

A Shepherdstown resident calls the police when she hears a gunshot in the center of town, but Chief King investigates and finds no evidence of foul play. When he is unable to find anyone else who remembers hearing the shot, he hands the case over to Nick, Bill and Elizabeth. The resident confides in the team that she has recently also felt a constant sensation of being watched. Soon, the team realizes her stalker might be from beyond the grave and pieces together a shocking tale that reveals a disturbing link between the resident and the grisly murder of a young woman over a century ago.


It’s Behind You – Episode Premiere: Sunday, July 10 at 10/9c

The paranormal investigators are called in to help a woman who saw a corpse floating in the Potomac River and then disappear. Clues provided by a local medium and town historian connect the report to the cold case of two murders decades ago. The team conducts a nocturnal paranormal investigation in the woods by the Potomac and uncovers evidence that indicates satanic rituals or witchcraft is being practiced in Shepherdstown. The team senses a darker entity in the woods, a feeling that’s confirmed when the medium suddenly feels Bill’s life is in peril.


Redemption – Episode Premiere: Sunday, July 17 at 10/9c

Nick, Bill and Elizabeth investigate the mysterious sounds of a crying baby coming from a young couple’s basement. Just as the team realizes that all their cases are located near one area, the paranormal activity in the couple’s home escalates to that of a dangerous poltergeist. While hunting through the basement, the team comes across evidence that convinces them they’re near the source of the negative energy that seems to be pervading Shepherdstown.


***This blogger did not attach the moniker of “America’s Leading Paranormal Investigator” to Nick Groff it was included in the press material coming from Discovery Channel***

Paranormal Lockdown Gets a 2nd Season


So, this past weekend it was announced that Nick Groff’s show Paranormal Lockdown has been picked up by Destination America for a second season.  If anything I will admit when I’m wrong about a show (even if it’s only half wrong).

Because of my hectic schedule last semester  so having saved all the episodes to DVR I figured maybe I had not given the show a real fair chance after all the behind the scenes bull s*it that has gone on, I loved Nick on Ghost Adventures so I took a whole day and veg’ed out in front of the tube. It is nice to see him out in front of something, talking, showing his paranormal balls so to speak.

Ok, it does kind of take the old Ghost Adventures a tiny bit farther, all us Ghost Adventure fans know we always wanted the guys locked up alone all night instead of together.  I had assumed that each one (Katrina and Nick) would be locked in separately, not so.  They are I think (editing makes it hard to tell) locked in together and stay in separate areas of the location.  I like the background of the locations BUT…..since just about everyone has been explored to death (no pun intended) I wish that would go away unless it is a truly new location and I don’t want to hear the droning of the same tired stories over and over (like on Deadly Possessions).

What I do hope for season 2 is that there are new, and key here is never before seen locations.  All these paranormal shows are getting a bit tiring and boring.  They all go to the same tired assed pay for play locations where there is rarely if anything ever caught and if something is it’s rather questionable at best if it’s faked.

With the announcement that came from Jason Hawes today that Season 11 will be Ghost Hunters last ON SYFY (I’m thinking they will be re-selling it to another channel) it narrows the field actually considerably to Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown and Ghost Brothers (who are filming what could be season 2 currently).  I have heard chatter that there is some ex-playboy bunny trying to get into the mix for a show.  O M FreakinG no!!

I don’t know what the hell these producers are doing but it is looking more like they are trying very hard to take paranormal research and beliefs back to the dark ages where if you admitted to seeing spirits you were sent to the looney bin, I keep asking myself WTF…..I’m pretty sure an ex-playmate will just turn out to be a laughing stock even if she is/has been around the community for awhile, really nothing new to offer.

Even though I have never blogged about Ghost Hunters (mainly because I’m not sure it’s not faked) I will miss it as a staple for the dreary Wednesday night line-ups most channels have going on.   I wish more producers and channels would take chances on real original shows (Lucifer from Len Wiseman for instance) and give viewers new stuff instead of seeing something that worked so copying it to harangue viewers.

I will wait to see what Paranormal Lockdown offers up in Season 2 and I think Ghost Brothers will certainly turn into quite the contender for Nick and Katrina, and not only for locations.  While Ghost Adventures looks to be concentrating on locations on the left coast for season 13, another season of old ghost mining towns maybe.


Ghost Brothers-Prospect Place


Watercolor from painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti titled “How They Met Themselves” from 1864.

I found this episode of Ghost Brothers intriguing for the mere fact not many in the paranormal community have the guts to even mention Doppelgänger  Entities.  Many who experience them are also inclined not to speak of them.

In German Doppelgänger  literally means Double-Goer.  It is a double or look alike of a living person and has been long believed to be the harbinger of bad luck…even death to the one who sees their double.  But this paranormal phenomena is also when the experiencer hears the voice of someone else. These Doppelgängers  can also do what is known as “throwing the voice” they can mimic a living person’s voice, usually only someone the living knows.  There have been any number of reports stating living people being called  and avoiding death,  there have been those who have been called and almost died as well. Some even call them angels because they heard their name be called by the voice they recognized and they avoided death/harm.

This is one of the most strange of the paranormal phenomena because IF doppelgängers  are real entities it signals that some spirits are conscience of their surroundings and knowledgeable of what is/about to happen.  OR as some believe they are just playing with the living……..because they can. (doubtful)

Growing up in my old house there were a number of times I would swear my Mom called me and I would go to where she was and she would swear she didn’t call me.  It was so strange a happening I just quit responding unless the living person was right there.

The word Doppelgänger is considered relatively new, first being coined in 1787 and was strangely defined as “an apparition of a living person”.  But this “seeing of the living’s double” goes as far back in writings at least as Egyptian times and was known then as the Ka.  With stories of the living seeing the Ka of a family member or priest.  It is a long held belief that the apparition was the living person’s soul and you were never to awaken a sleeping person if you saw it, for you would kill the person as the soul would not be able to get back into the body.  Kind of like it is said to never touch or awaken a person who is meditating or astral projecting.

In Psychology and Psychiatry there is thinking that these “visions” of the doppelgänger is a symptom of schizophrenia or epilepsy and is known as Heautoscopy, the question is how does one explain that the living who have neither of these medical conditions nor being treated for them see or hear the doppelgänger ?


I have visited Prospect Place and found it rather amazing on the spirit scale.  Like Myrtles Plantation in that I enjoy just sitting and listening.  This is another place where if you sit still and quit enough you can hear the spirits talking, day or night.  I would find the chance to experience a doppelgänger  on the property a rather neat experience (as long as I don’t see me).  It would prove even more interesting if investigators or even the owners would invest in some cameras placed around the house (inside & out), see what they capture.  If you place register books throughout the home,  sign in with a time/day each time you enter a room then review the cameras you just might get something.

I did however feel the presence of something extremely pissed off in the barn area but I don’t think it’s harmful as it was pissed off but moved away from me when I entered.  I would love to be able to return.

I cannot tell anyone how to deal with or get rid of a doppelgänger for the mere fact there really is no way unless the living person dies.  There are Mimickers in the paranormal who can indeed mimic the living’s voice but very rarely is there even a demonic entity who will go through all the bother just to mess with a living person.  Believe me, there are no demons here to take you to Hell, there are no demons who collect souls for Satan, he can do that all on his own (or should I say you make the choice by how/what you mess in without knowledge).

I really am enjoying Ghost Brothers.  They seem insightful into the paranormal yet still green enough to laugh at themselves for getting scared.  Because if you are an investigator and do not get scared you have a huge problem or it’s faked, I do still get butterflies when entering a location.  They are respectful (something that is sorely lacking in other shows) of the spirits and I hope if they do get a season two they continue and do not get the swelled heads some of these other actors have now, they actually believe their own press, that they are the end all and be all of everything paranormal when they literally know squat.

Deadly Possessions-Finale

Before I post, Don’t kill the messenger!!!!


Sorry, I will not be discussing this final episode of Deadly Possessions for the mere fact it is being done for pure drama, ratings and to sensationalize something most consider an accident.

Natalie Wood’s own daughter appeared on Good Morning America this am (5/5/16) and spoke briefly about her mother’s death and stated she, after thirty fives years and her own investigations into the matter believe it was just a horrible accident.  Her mother had been drinking aboard the yacht, got into an inflatable dingy and tried to go ashore.

She called her step father Robert Wagner “the greatest” and she discounts that her step father (Wagner) had anything to do with it and Robert Wagner has publicly supported any and all investigations into the death including the last in 2013 where the death certificate was amended and the cause was changed from “accident” to Undetermined”.  The only thing the change does is leave it pretty much an unsolved case by state standards, it is not looked at as a murder case and Wagner is not a suspect. It also states that there was fresh bruising that could have happened before death” but anyone who has worked in/around coroner’s and the dead know she fell, hit her head, a fall causes bruising. The thing that gets me is why did the coroner change the death certificate and add that after almost 35 years, that is something that should have been on it since the bruising would have been seen at or shortly after autopsy.

You can find even the autopsy results here,

abcnews.go.com  and search Natalie Wood

As for the Kevorkian Death Van, really I can not believe Zak bought that thing.  I’m still not sure this museum thing is going to pan out to be a real place people can go to see this stuff.  If so he’ll certainly capture the fan of the morbid and the over the top fans of Ghost Adventures who hang on everything he says weather it’s true or not.

It’s interesting to watch, as someone who has been involved in the paranormal since a young age, I even interview UFO Abductees/Contactees watching how the paranormal on TV has taken on a life of it’s own and just because you are an actor on TV it makes you an expert to things some real scientists have been trying to just prove for centuries.

Zak constantly says they help people.  I still don’t see how.  I help people, I put them in contact with those who are real shaman that can cleanse, bishops, clergy who can assist.  I do cleansings etc….myself.  I have seen not in one show of Ghost Adventures, After Shocks or this new show where any help has been given EXCEPT to “relieve” those who possess possibly haunted items of those items.  There is still a lot of chatter that this whole show was a set up and that none of these items Zak did not own beforehand.

Question, Does this call into question anything he now presents on future episodes/seasons of Ghost Adventures as being faked?


This is something every investigator should read & know

If there was ever to be a book about Ghost Hunting that would be considered “the ghost hunting bible” this should be the forward.


The 10 Commandments of Ghost Hunting

Rules to help ensure the integrity and success of your group
Updated March 27, 2016.

WHETHER YOU ARE a seasoned member of a ghost-hunting group or an occasional investigator who likes to participate around Halloween or at special events, there are rules you must follow. Too often we have heard of ghost-hunting groups that seem to operate without any rules at all, and the result is almost always chaos, bad evidence, sometimes even illegal activity and injury.

Every ghost-hunting group should have a set of bylaws by which it operates, and these should be written down, agreed to, and pledged to by every member of the group. Yes, these investigations can be fun, but they must also be taken seriously and handled professionally — especially when the investigation is in someone’s home.

Here are some guidelines — 10 Commandments — that every paranormal investigation group should consider and take to heart:

1.  Thou Shalt Be Informed

Before you start an investigation, learn all you can about the location and the paranormal activity that has been reported there. Seek any books, magazine and newspaper articles that might have been written about the place. If possible, interview eyewitnesses to the activity. The more you know about a location, the better you’ll be able to conduct your investigation. You’ll know about specific areas to look into, the right questions to ask, and will be better able to understand any evidence uncovered.

2.  Thou Shalt Be Prepared

Being informed is part of being prepared, but you should also be prepared physically and equipment-wise. Physically, be sure you are feeling well enough to endure whatever the investigation might demand: climbing stairs, creeping through damp basements, etc. If you have a bad cold, you don’t want to spread it among your fellow members or your clients.

Make sure your equipment is ready: plenty of extra batteries, clean camera lens, plenty of memory cards for cameras and camcorders, tape for voice recorders and camcorders, note-taking supplies, flashlights, extension cords…. You should have a checklist of equipment and supplies. Check it and be sure you have everything you need and in good working order.

3.  Thou Shalt Not Trespass

Just because you have a well-organized ghost-hunting group with cool T-shirts does not give you automatic permission to go into any abandoned building or even any cemetery after hours (most are closed after sunset) to do an investigation. Even though a building looks abandoned, the property is still owned by someone, and going into it without permission is illegal.

Always — ALWAYS — get permission to investigate a building. You can often get special permission to investigate a cemetery by contacting the owner, if it is privately owned, or from the city, town, or county if it is a public graveyard.

4.  Thou Shalt Be Respectful

A big part of your ghost-hunting group’s reputation is based on how respectful it is — to the property being investigated and to any clients that might be involved. A property owner or client is going to want to feel comfortable that your group is not going to be destructive in any way, that the possibility of theft is never an issue, and that you won’t be noisy or rude.

Treat any client and witness with the utmost respect. Listen to their reports of experiences carefully and seriously. Every member of your group should be especially mindful of this when investigating a private residence.

Be respectful of your team members. Ghost-hunting groups — like all such groups of people — are fraught with infighting, personality conflicts, and differences of opinion. Without respect for one another, your group will fall apart.

Someone else who needs your respect is the investigatee — the ghost or spirit that might be haunting a location. Some investigators take a confrontational approach, being rude and obnoxious when trying to elicit a response from a spirit. You’ve seen this kind of stuff on TV, and in my opinion it’s done for whatever “entertainment value” they think it might have. Unfortunately, some ghost hunters copy what they see on TV, thinking it’s the right thing to do. If spirits truly are people who have passed on, they deserve to be treated with the respect you’d give any living person.

5.  Thou Shalt Not Venture Off On Your Own

We have heard the news reports of ghost investigators who have gone off on their own and gotten seriously injured — even killed. When your ghost hunting team splits up to cover various areas of a location, they should always be in groups of two or more. Safety is a primary reason.

Also, the evidence collected by a person who goes off on his or her own might automatically be suspect. To help ensure the integrity of any evidence, it must be gathered in the presence of two or more people. Which leads us to…

6.  Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

Or “Thou Shalt Not Fake Evidence.” For those who don’t know, bearing false witness means lying. And if you’re going to falsify, exaggerate, or otherwise alter evidence, then why are you doing ghost investigation? These investigations are about trying to find the truth about a possible haunting as best we can.

So falsifying or exaggerating a sighting, manufacturing EVP, Photoshopping pictures, and other evidence tampering and passing them off as genuine is a ghost hunting mortal sin. Why do people do it? For the attention, obviously. But it’s counterproductive to the investigation, what the ghost hunting group is all about — and just plain wrong.

7.  Thou Shalt Be Skeptical

This can often be a difficult thing for ghost hunters because we want to find evidence. We want to record a Class A EVP, take an anomalous photo, make contact with the “other side”, or otherwise have a paranormal experience. That’s what drives us to conduct these investigations. But we must take caution and not be too eager. Be honest about that evidence: that EVP could be just the sound of noisy pipes in the background; those orbs probably are dust particles; that “apparition” in the video really is just a reflection on the glass door.

Be diligent in trying to debunk gathered evidence. Find plausible explanations; do not automatically jump to a paranormal explanation. Being skeptical will make any possibly genuine evidence all the more valuable.

8.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Evidence

In other words, do not steal from other ghost-hunting groups. Many groups with websites have found that their evidence — EVP, pictures, etc. — has been “borrowed” by other groups without giving credit where it is due. Do not take evidence from other groups (from their websites or in any other way) without permission. And certainly do not claim it as your own.

9.  Thou Shalt Know Thy Limits

It doesn’t happen very often, but on occasion a ghost investigation can get rather intense. Phenomena might be taking place that you do not have the experience or skills to deal with. Know your limitations on what you are able to handle. You might have to call in or turn over the investigation to a more experienced investigator, particularly if there are physical attacks. Again, these are quite rare cases, but they can happen and you should have a plan for what to do.

10.  Thou Shalt Be Professional at All Times

This last Commandment is one that overarches and includes all the others: Be professional. You want your ghost-hunting group to be respectful and respected, to be honest and forthright, to be ethical and have the highest degree of integrity. Without these things, your group is doomed to failure and will have contributed little if nothing to the search for truth in this field.

In many endeavors, the term “professional” means that you get paid to do what you do. Of course, that does not apply here. You should be professional in your conduct.

And this leads to a corollary or 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Charge for Thy Investigations. No group should charge a client for an investigation. Period. Not one dime. In special circumstances, if your group is being asked by a client to travel a long distance to conduct an investigation, the client might offer to pay part of the transportation costs, but this should not be a requirement.

Deadly Possessions-The Crying Boy Painting & Ed Gein’s Cauldron

Ok, well this week I will not be discussing Zak’s grotesque flea market find of Ed Gein’s Cauldron.  The man boiled body parts of those he killed in it WHY THE F*ck anyone would want it (it’s disrespectful to the victims and their families).  I’m guessing it points to something of a psychological issue.  Which there is a morbid fascination going on with some of the items Zak is collecting.  Sure, Sure there are others vying for these items online but the question remains……how do you know for sure this particular item wasn’t just some old lady’s flower pot since it had been used as a flower pot by I believe a neighbor and then when the neighbor passed it was sold.


Above:  The Original painting and the artist

Moving onto, The Crying Boy Painting.  Again, unless this is the ORIGINAL painting.  There were at one time 28 variations (both boys and girls) to the Bragolin painting which was widely distributed in the 1950’s  and the painter painted at least 65 different paintings of crying children, but there are estimates of between 1k-2k.  The children were picked at random and not all from orphanages.  Even the stories of Bragolin and Spain were works of fiction, made up by George Mallory who was at the time a rather well respected occult researcher.

Some of the many variations:

The curse was started by a fireman on September 4th 1985 who stated that many copies had been found in burned down houses, undamaged.  By November of that same year there was a full on curse attached to the painting, not the original but the variations.

Steve Punt and his show Punt PI (comic in nature but) after testing with/by The Building Research Establishment, found the variations had been treated with a fire retardant varnish and when the string (or whatever) holding the painting burned through it caused the painting to land face down.  Thus protecting the front of the painting from fire. Most of these stories  came from urban legends in South American countries and after a story ran in The Sun tabloid witch-hunts and bonfires ensued.  Although it was rumored that Bragolin was involved in and practiced black arts he was a caring father/husband and had a sense of humor about those rumors, he never practiced black arts of any kind.

The fire experiment from Steve Punt Show:


So, again unless this is the ORIGINAL Bragolin painting, which is either lost, hidden, in a private collection or some of the world war 2 stolen art somewhere there is no curse on the many variations of this painting.   I can’t wait to see if Zak tries to pass off a replica as the original when by doing a simple google search you can find and see all the different variations.  On bragolin.weebly.com one can find photos of some of the many variations of crying children.

I ask, if Zak is not in possession of the original painting and with fire experts proving there is no curse, just simple fire mechanics how does one prove there is a curse?

Like I always say, you as an investigator MUST understand how things work.  If you don’t know go to experts NOT television actors.


Deadly Possessions-Charles Manson’s TV

Well well, this should be interesting.  How can you buy something that is supposed to be haunted when the person who owned (even touched it) isn’t dead?

That is the premise for this week’s episode of Deadly Possessions, boy it’s a doozy.  I’m guessing this will be like that opening of Al Capone’s Vault…..nothing.

Why in god’s name would anyone Charles Manson killed, oh wait technically he never actually killed anyone he only had the metal hold over his followers and had them do it.  To this day you can still hear it in his voice, he thinks he can get you to do anything he wants.  Because in his twisted mind he actually thought he’d get off, I still can’t believe there are people who think he should be out….holding my tongue, because until you have sat across from an actual serial killer you have no clue.


This would be the old TV he had in his cell.  I can guarantee Charles Manson is not seeing spirits of those he killed.  To this day he refuses to take any responsibility for his crimes or admit to his part in them.

Why Zak is giving him any sort of publicity is beyond me.  It’s like buying a painting from John Wayne Gacy, the mother f*cker killed a bunch of kids and cemented them under his house.  Charles Manson is not a god, although there are those who think he is beyond cool.  I find it interesting, those who do because it says a lot about you.

Collecting supposed haunted items is one thing but buying a TV  from a psychotic killer who reminds one of Jim Jones, David Koresh, Kim Jong Un/Il (pick one), Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot even Madoff (google them, the behavior) and trying to convince those who can be swayed is irresponsible to say the least.   I’m guessing the TV was really purchased through a state sale when all the old TV’s in the prison where replaced, again NOT haunted so why buy it and place it on display in a museum dedicated to supposed haunted items.  Dr. Kervorkian’s van is probably more haunted then this TV, popcorn at the ready.

I’m not real sure what buying these items is really all about.  I mean there are all sorts of these kind of places that display items from grotesque to mundane to not so much, even human bodies.  Again, reveling in this sort of thing night and day says a lot about the person reveling in it.  Some of the items are pretty dark and I’m surprised the refrigerator Jeffery Dammer used to store the body parts isn’t in this museum, it’s probably in a garbage dump long ago if not still in a police warehouse, wait for it.

Yes, I have a problem with those who kill people for their own enjoyment, they shouldn’t be treated as anything other than the heinous criminal they are.  They are not to be touted, revered or even acknowledged and that’s all I’ll say.

I went and did some investigating on this Manson grandson interview that will be in the show.  This grandson is supposedly an MMA fighter (we know Zak is big on UFC/MMA).  His father Charles Manson Jr. was the son of Charles Manson’s teenage wife Roselie and he  killed himself in the 90’s and his son has lived by his step father’s last name.  I still don’t get what a TV that is not haunted has to do with a show about haunted objects BUT I do see the connection that the living can be haunted by family members pasts, the whole sins of the father kind of thing.  Jason Freeman should not be held up for what Charles Manson did as he did not commit the crimes.  We’ll see how this one pans out but I think I know why this TV is being presented.

Peggy the Doll Update


With Aaron on Deadly Possessions-




Wanita ini Sering Berkomunikasi Dengan 12 Boneka Berhantu Miliknya  I have heard through the paranormal grapevine that Katrin Reedit, the woman who was so fearful of Peggy the Doll has been making the rounds in the UK and is a huge “haunted doll collector” .


I have to ask, why if you are so terrified of Peggy the Doll why are you out making the rounds talking up all your “haunted dolls” and collecting them.  It’s said she even “hires baby sitters for them”.


I’m not sure if Zak and crew knew this beforehand but a simple google search (the likes that has been done by others) would have shown this to be true.  I will revoke my previous high five for facing her fears as it seems the whole thing was an act to get publicity for HER “haunted doll collection”.

Sure ok some will say “she might only be scared of Peggy”  I’ll give you that but come on, If one doll scares you all dolls do, I know, I HATE dolls and have my whole life. I don’t go collecting them, even the Mrs. Beasly doll I had I paid my brothers to throw her on the roof just to get rid of her, they creep me out.

Bravo Katrin you had a lot of people bamboozled and maybe even Zak Bagans and crew (although it is still TV).  I know some people are going to get pissed off at me but this is what’s wrong with the paranormal since it became big on TV, people who make things up for attention and to be on a hot show (and maybe to get close to Zak Bagans), at least she got a few days in Vegas on the production company, I hope Zak and the guys were sweet.

Deadly Possessions- Peggy the Doll


I did watch last night’s episode and yes I looked at the doll and got….nothing, but I didn’t expect anything either.   Zak has this huge opportunity to show how affected the living can be by the paranormal,  he at least showed in last night’s episode how deeply engrained the fear is for some.

I give major props to the lady for facing the fear, hopefully she can over come it and move on.  It’s a deep seeded psychological fear in which she needs to be working with a real therapist not some one who performs seances claiming to be able to  help.   This is what can happen and anyone, as a paranormal investigator or someone who owns a supposed haunted object must remember. YOU have the opportunity to instill fear in those who believe, it’s wrong to do so and some feel it gives them power over others and that is sad.  As an investigator you need to be very careful what you say and how you word things to clients.

Do I think that is what Zak is doing, no not intentionally.  He needs to understand fully that when those who live for the paranormal, live for some kind of touch, sound any contact from the deceased they are sometimes easily swayed.  That is what VooDoo and  Witchcraft does and I’m seeing it in the paranormal community now.  Those who are on TV (except Zak and crew at this point) leading these huge tours of supposed haunted places.  Those who attend may get a small EVP or “feel” a touch or get a scratch and that perpetrates the location.

The television viewer gets caught up in the music, the lighting, the dialogue, the movement not realizing it’s all done for effect, to get a response.  There was in some of last night’s episode a constant low base beat that one can hear.  When coupled with the dialogue and the higher tones in the actual soundtrack one does not hear the lower base beat BUT that beat (like a heart beat) can cause in those with anxiety problems the feeling of increased anxiety/fear, this is a documented proven fact.  There is even documented proof that this constant base beat has caused those who have suffered a heart attack in the past to have suffered another one, even constant untreated anxiety can cause a heart attack.

When you are a serious paranormal investigator and you get anything like that you automatically go into “debunk mode”, I do at least.  If I get a scratch (and I have scars from some of mine) If it’s dark I turn on every light and look around.  If I get an EVP I look for the possibility that it was some other sound.

I like that the guest was given the chance to face her fear I just wish it had been done in a more……therapeutic way where she has the support system afterward to move on.