Ok, so as a paranormal investigator it is ok to never catch anything on an investigation.  You are there to not only capture evidence of paranormal activity but also to help those affected by it. I understand some may be disappointed but capturing nothing can be the nature of the beast.

I’m not sure I get where all the hostility I’ve seen/heard about the Ghost Adventures Crew not getting anything in last night’s episode is coming from, to tell the truth there was something going on in that house but I doubt it was demon related.

Anyone who has dealt with demons and their underlings knows they are capable of things that would make even the hardiest demonologist turn green and run but I need to side with Zak, Aaron, Dave, Jay and Billy in their round table when they discussed the possibilities of what is more possible.

One of the questions that really should be asked in ALL investigations is, Is anyone living in the house and or experiencing the events on any medication and if the answer is yes, are any of the medications prescribed by mental health professionals BECAUSE……this leads to a whole different kind of investigation and not different because they are “crazy”.  Different because there could be issues that lead to internalized energy that presents as poltergeist energy when it reaches a boiling point.

There is a strong possibility that what has been going on is poltergeist activity AND poltergeist activity ( I don’t care how many times you’ve seen the movie) is not done by an actual spirit.  Poltergeist activity is formed by a living person.  Sometimes that person has had a stroke, can’t communicate and that energy builds and builds and it lashes out, thus sending things flying possibly lighting things on fire. No,  I am not talking about the movie Firestarter, but close. Poltergeist activity is directed bursts of energy usually directed at objects by a living person who is either unable to communicate so they become upset and lash out or someone who is upset, stressed any number of reasons.

The three classes which Poltergeist activity can be attributed:

Elderly or anyone who have had a traumatic brain injury such as a stroke. Children with Autisum have also been found to exhibit poltergeist like rages because they can not communicate.

A living person who is stressed in everyday life and have no outlet for the stress, internalizing it.  Think of it like getting REALLY pissed off all the time and having no outlet for that.  This usually happens when the living person is asleep and the mind is shut off to the world.

Children who are usually sensitive, empathic or have psychic abilities.  Children who do not know/understand they have abilities have presented poltergeist like ability. Sometimes being able to move objects seems like psychic ability but is pent up energy being released, usually when the child is asleep.

SeattleDemon4 SeattleDemon5

Of course, the fact that there is some confusion in the room which looks as if an etch a sketch blew up on the walls.  Is the activity demonic in nature or a native spirit.  The house is chaotic, the evidence presented by the client is chaotic. I myself have never seen anything barely burned and does anyone know how long it takes a sage smudge to start burning.  I’m not saying not to use sage, crystals, stones but understand they do not banish spirits/demons, much like kosher salt,  it simply causes them to back away.  They will come back.


Overall, it was a good show, the new piece of equipment used at the end was kind of awesome and opens all sorts of cool uses.  The fact that there was zero visual evidence, the EMF was normal.  No one on the team felt any sort of residual energy, no chills, static energy or had strange emotions AFTER the clients left points to living poltergeist energy.

I never give kudos to a tv paranormal show but this time I think I need to.  As a paranormal investigator you really never know which way your case will go or if you will capture anything, the guys did what any good investigator should, they used almost every piece of equipment they had.  I do however think that once the ward statement had been made, Zak should have asked some questions.

Aaron’s V-log for this episode:

Next Week,  The Ghost Adventures crew travel to The Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, TX (East of San Antonio) to investigate a hotel, haunted by a spirit of a little girl. Before the lockdown, the guys take a detour to verify reports of a spirit pushing parked cars onto train tracks.

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